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Sunday, September 26, 2010


       Sometimes words deactivate my mind, words of many different kind. Philosophy, let's ask Glen Bob? Someone who thinks he's smart using big words and makes others believe he's intelligent. Could a philosopher help my Jimmy with his homework, philosophize new brake pads on my truck. Help me by answering my wife when she ask me "do you think my behind looks bigger in these new jeans". If I were a philosopher I would have to tell the truth, like there is more to love. (No that won't set well with her). If I want to act really! really! intelligent and use my intellectual and philosophical tone of voice I could calmly say "those jeans are one of a kind meant to fit your exquisite one of a kind derriere highlighting your beautiful curves perfectly". That might work. I think I now understand philosophy.
       Bill Lee Hill on Philosophy. I'll look in the dictionary and break it down. Philo means "loving". Philo Beddoe a character Clint Eastwood plays in 2 movies, Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can. He has a orangutan that loves him and he loves the orangutan. (Ah Oh!) Sophy means "wisdom" Philo was the wisest in his family. In summary Philo Beddoe was loving and possessed wisdom. (Why you ask?) He gets the girl into the bed. OH!!!
       I ask the most intelligent one in my house, being as she has never worked a day in her life. I ask her quietly and in my calmest tone, what is philosophy and her reply was "woof, woof, woof, woof".
       I ask my lovely 80 year old. Mom explain to me "philosophy"? There was 10 minutes of silence.
       I now feel a brain cell ticking so I look in the latest up to date Websters New World Dictionary. I read phies; philosophy; philosophy; philosophic and philosophize. Guess what? there was 10 minutes of dead time. Mothers always know best!
      There is one person with whom I know that probably knows but I do not now want to know.
       I think therefore I am comes to mind. I see the statue of a nude man sitting down one hand under his chin propping up his head he looks plum wore out. I decide to try this. I take off my clothes and sit in every chair in the house. They just don't feel right. I get a funny feeling coming from deep within. I know where I must sit to expound words of wisdom. I start singing, let it be,let it be, seeking words of wisdom, let it be, let it be. I hear "ploop! ploop!into the water.        

       I wish to add or is it called an addendum which happens the very same night after writing my silly little post about "Philosophy".
       I am trying an experiment. I take my meds about one hour before I plan to go to sleep. I can feel when the meds are kicking in my body becomes warm and my mind is getting "woozy". (That's not truthful, I've always been woozy I become "woozier"). Creativity juices begin flowing. My brain and hands start working in unison. (I've never had that problem before). I'm creating and I cannot stop. I don't know what I am writing my brain has taken over, I cannot see, my eyes are fogged over. I see no errors on my "Hewie Tube". That's impossible there is always errors! Please errors save me! my hands won't stop. I'm forced to ride it out. I have no idea what's happening, it's an incoherent dream like state only I'm awake. My fingers cannot leave the keyboard my eyes are being pulled to the screen. I feel the veins of my eyes stretching as if they were rubber bands. My elbows brace against the desk, hold on! can't continue much longer, my shoulders are drawn inward. My chair inches across the carpet, toenails digging into the padding. Suddenly I am released my eyes pop! back into their sockets. I stagger to my bed, all the seratonin  I have received through my meds have been stolen by the computer. I go into a deep sleep. I dream I am jumping a bridge Dukes Of Hazzard style. In my dream I wake up and leap off a cliff sprout wings and fly like an eagle majestic looking at the beautiful countryside. I'm sailing the wind noble and free. One word brings me falling back to earth, "Philosophy". Plunk! 


  1. I guess this was supposed to be a semi-serious post, but you lost me when you decided to sit down Hahahaha :-) That is one thing I like about your writing. You always find a way to inject humor into your posts and I am thankful for the smiles you bring to me through this gift you have.