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Sunday, September 26, 2010


          Plenty of Indiana land was available in the mid 1800's. John Green bought land 70 miles north of the Ohio River only Indian trails and crude roads exist. He spends a year searching before discovering his "Utopia". This land is composed of several smaller rivers encompassing several thousand acres of fertile bottom land. They meet and flow together forming a large river. He will build a sawmill and gristmill and call it Greenville.
          John was a sea faring Captain for 20 years, saving money now pursuing his dream. The smaller tributaries flowing into the larger river intrigue him. John meets his future wife in Louisville Kentucky. Sarah daughter of a businessman, owns steam boats working the Ohio River. That's how John met Sarah's father Abraham Smetzer while traveling from New Orleans via the river. Men with common interest, boats, land where opportunities await the adventuresome. Abraham invites John to his home overlooking the river and meets Sarah many years younger. Not at all unusual years ago, people need money to prosper and young men need time to acquire it. Younger women could marry a mature man and with hard work, create a successful living and then enjoy materialistic rewards. First you have to have vision, money and hard work. Children was an important part of the equation as anything done recquires much labor. Only these laborers would inherit what they create so teaching all the fundamental tools of life and the skills of work must be accomplished by their parents and family. John and Sarah enjoy their time spent together. Sarah was bedazzled by the many far away lands John has seen and his many adventures of the sea. Abraham knows courage, leadership, honesty when he sees it. Soon with Abraham's and Lilly's blessings John and Sarah marry. Sarah is living at her parents house when James their first born comes into the world. Luckily John was present as most of his time is spent carving out Greenville.
          Better roads were being built through the lush rolling Indiana landscape. John with Abrahams help was making Greenville accessible to wagons the slowly moving trucks of yesteryear. Other visionaries like John was doing the same thing creating roads and bridges that must be built and maintained to create the future as these men were carving and creating simultaneously their and their childrens future. Just living going beyond security of existing towns the farther away from the river packing and getting the tools to make yourselves self reliant comes at a price sometimes counted in lives. But the ultimate dream is to build something from nothing and build a future for your next generation and the future generations. That was once the bottom line dream of the people from all over the world that came here. Abraham was instrumental he knew all the skilled craftsmen that John needed to succeed.
          Not wanting his family to begin life in a simple log cabin. John insist they wait and build a true home with plenty of room for family and guest. With the trustworthy and skilled craftsmen Abraham provided John was able to to divide his time and be with family. Their second son Joshua was born before Sarah view Greenville. Sarah has waited 4 years to see John's vision. Her wildest imagination had not prepared her for her first glimpse. Her home sat on the highest piece of land overlooking the river. Already numerous structures were under construction a small town in the making. John secretly discuss Sarah's wishes with her mother, after her first look tears rolled down Sarah's face and did not stop until she had toured the complete home. John, Sarah, James, Joshua, Abraham and Lilly sat down to their first meal in their new home July 4 1860.
          Corn was growing saw mill turning with help from the river. John was stepping off Main Street. John receives unexpected help from Sarah's father, dowry Abraham calls it. He himself, a successful self-made businessman who understood John's vision. John with much pride tells all "mans dream rarely become real and his was moving with full sails". The workers love this land as much as John does. Friendship, loyalty has created a bond where hand shake promises to share what all have created dreamers and talented craftsmen building a beginning.                    

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  1. You never cease to amaze me Glen! I am glad I decided to go back to the beginning of GlenView. This was an interesting read for sure.