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Thursday, April 27, 2017

I don't look in the mirror anymore.

That's not me, can't be ... what has living done to me? The shell I don't recognize, the soul's still the same. Why? My heart, my mind, forever young. That hurts, it really does! I find myself staying in bed longer each day, no reason to rise. Snug under my covers not moving a muscle, no aches, no pains, sweet dreams, better than reality. I live a fuller when my imagination runs amuck. Sometimes I wish not to not wake. I live for my dreams that are beyond words. The emotions so full take me away, there I truly live and feel. One cannot understand, unless you've been there.

Life takes its toil on everyone, no one can escape the slowly tightening grip through age. I feel so limited, by what my body is able to do. I'm not alone, I find little comfort in knowing age creates the same curse to all.

Just a thought, not enough to be considered a post. Oh well it's my beddy-bye-time, sweet dreams........

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  1. All of your thoughts are worth a post my friend.