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Sunday, August 8, 2010


It was a beautiful summer day at the campground. Adults taking life easy, children running around. Peace and happiness ruled the small campground.

The Ohio River was unusually high because of recent storms.
A man pointed toward the river yelling "look!" There appears a dog looks like a beagle on a log smack dab (always wanted to use that word) in the middle of the rain swollen river. Everyone turned toward the river and stared in disbelief.

It's true, a dog like a character out of a Mark Twain novel - Huck Finn riding down the mighty Mississippi. People gasped shouting "What can we do?"

A boat was fired up becoming the Ohio River Rescue Unit. The boat carefully pulls alongside the log snatching the frightened dog from a most certain fate.

One lucky fella, everyone agreed. People talk to him, pet him, feed him. He's now the campground mascot.

He spends part of his day sniffing and chasing up rabbits, when no ones around he becomes lonely. During his many naps nightmares of the ride down the river are always there. One day only a single family was at the campground, he was extremely Happy because he recognized them as the ones who rescued him from the river. He had companions; they took a long walk, played fetch, patted his head and talked to him. He couldn't understand a word. The beagle didn't care, he loved the company.
The couple decided to leave, both looking in their rear view mirror as they drove away. The beagle was in pursuit, but the short legs were no match for the pickup truck. After stopping for lunch the lady said "we  must go back for him." Well you can just imagine how happy the beagle was to see them. He had touched their hearts. Instead of riding a log down the Ohio River, he was now riding in every dog's dream - a pickup truck.

I would like to say this is where the story ends, sadly, there is another crisis. The wonderful couple took the beagle to the veterinarian. Oh no! The log riding beagle has heart worms. He will certainly die if left untreated. Sadly enough the treatment itself might kill him. Thankfully the treatment was a

It's time to bring this extremely "heart warming" story to its finale. I would like to thank the kind couple who rescued a poor beagle from an uncertain fate. Max became the beagle's name. I understand Max spends his days outside, coming in at night to his very own blanket on the couch. I truly hope he has no memory of his ride on the Ohio River. Hearts have been touched by the beagle. I now add  mine.


  1. I LOVE your first post! Keep it up!

  2. I decided to start from the beginning and read all of your blogs as I came in rather late in the game. This was a beautiful and heartwarming story. I am glad Max was rescued and found a good home. I don't want to even imagine the alternative. This was a nice way to begin your blogging experience !

  3. Refreshing my memory by reading this one more time.