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Monday, October 21, 2019


The first time I heard this statement I was perplexed or should I say corn-fused, since I live in the middle of the flyover states. I had to ponder for a spell. The more I thought upon it I was angry. A put down. We work, pay taxes, raise a family. We're devoted hard working members of society.

If you fly over at 30,000 feet and you look down you can't see anybody, so you believe there's nobody down there. Duh! we down here alrighty! We're so small you cannot see us, so I reckon we don't matter! Oh my! do I sound a wee smart-assy? We across this nation that live in the country, that  produce the food you eat our lives also matter. Whilst I'm on it or a thinkin', something I don't do so much anymore that I'm a senior, I save my moments. This country is more than big city coastal condos by the sea, you see. ( Oh my I may be on a roll! turn the spell checkee off and go fer it old man, shake them cobwebs out! )

Oh , what have I done? Get me a glass o tea, I'll put an extra sugar in it woo-wee and see how this post plays out, I feel loose. May as well fix me a chipped turkey sandwich with mayo, lettuce and cherry tomatoes, from my garden, hell yeah, live dangerous.

Hopefully eating will get me brain a turning. My mind has been on life support nye onto five years. My current lifestyle does not require the use of much brain power. eating, watching the news, playing with my dogs, minimal drain.

My oh my, this turkey seems to have turned, here doggies a snack fer ya. Ah, potato soup looks good. Rambo and Chico are smiling at me saying "more. more".

Back when I would drink way too much caffeine drinks. I'm talking sodas, not these
defibrillators in a can. One of these lightning bolts would make me sail higher than a kite. No, no, not fer me. I got a big gulp about a week ago which I never do anymore, anyhew, hours later I was in misery I don't like that feeling like my heart is going to jump out of my chest . Back when I was in the workforce I needed that to jump start my tired old body. I reckon I've been out of the workforce for about five years. Don't take much drain on me old worn out Sears Die-Hard battery. Contrary to what you may think even they don't last forever. Next time I'm vacationing in the hospital, I'll get a new Die-Hard Gold installed with a lifetime warranty.

I be a ramblin' just like the old days.

Fly over states huh? We all be gun toting, pickup truck driving God fearing, banjo playing, Peterbilt semi drivers. Throw in some farmers, factory workers, you get the idea, regular folk. We even have schools, colleges.

What would this country be without the fly over states?

I was raised in the middle of the fly over states the heartland. What does the heart do? It pushes oxygen rich life sustaining nutrients to the edges of the body. Well that sounds kind of important to this old boy.

This country would be quite skinny if we took out the fly over states.

A life's a life no matter. This country is made from a mixture unlike any nation before. The problem is the uppity crustaceans become the uppity self-ordained want to be kings and queens. It's no different today than it has ever. Cavemen did not have the twenty four hour cable news like today. We have every Tom Dick and Mary, sharing their platforms twisted view of what they want. What is the truth, facts whatever, it has been lost somewhere in the money, and what does money buy you? The highest paid crookedest lawyers.

I read not to long ago the wealthiest two counties in the world are in Washington D. C.. Another fine fact is, the Unites States being 5% of the worlds population has 65% of the worlds lawyers. 

Happy trails to you until we meet again.

Saturday, October 12, 2019


Old Age, Pain and Time. I reckon you can guess where this is headed! This is for you old farts, younger that forty need not read, you'll not understand. I had many a conversations today with some old-timers like me. You old-timers out there in blog land will get this post.

I have lived at my current residence for a long time. Much upkeep and many, many, dollars later, the only thing left to fix was my septic system. Oh crap! Ha! ha!, a wee funny I laid on you. Those of you in the cities may not know what a septic tank is. It has nothing to do with something you catch in hospitals. I did go into septic tank shock after getting an estimate though. I was literally sick to my stomach and my savings took a huge hit. No insurance for this!

Okay, about me and the old timers. I go outside and sit in my swing, ready to offer advice if needed.
'Bout now, you're asking yourself "what's old Glen know about septic systems?"

The main man had a hip replacement, both knees refurbished. He now has a pinched nerve. I can feel his pain on the pinched nerve, yes-sir, I ya know 'bout them damn old pinched nerves! The other fella' his right hand man. comes up to talk to me, he be walking crookedly leaning on a cane. I say "have a chair rest them legs," "I can't, I hurt worse when I sit," he replied". We converse for a spell about pain and old age. Both agree the Doctors won't give us old farts anything good to take our pain of life's wear, just plain ol' living. The Boss man comes over and joins in on our old man conversation. We agree on all subjects about old age, pain and time. The old man with the cane gets on the cutest Kubota with a backhoe, place his cane to the side. Away he goes as straight as an arrow to go move some dirt. better than and old man operating one of them motorized house scooters.

Pain, old age is not something I would wish on nobody. Yet we all must suffer through it. There is meds that can block the pain, but my Doctor won't prescribe it. I asked him "why have them if you won't prescribe them to the ones that need them?" His answer "you don't want to get hooked on them". I gave a hearty laugh "I had a pulmonary embolism 5 years ago and you're worried about a few pain pills a day I just want to survive a few more years with less pain is that asking too much for modern medicine!"

I have tried repeatedly to get back into writing my blog. Seems I write about 100 words, then the words stop. Now that I have all the time  I need seems nothing appeals to me. I shall attempt to write everyday hoping the automatic writing thing a ma bob will kick in. Man that's so beautiful when the words just flow. I don't wish to go political. Every time I watch the news I have a really bad taste in my mouth. No, no that's not from drinking! So you think quite watching the news is the answer to that problem. I' like a news junkie I must watch at least one newscast. Local news does not settle my thirst.

I must get emotionally involved. Back when I was working, my emotions would run the gauntlet. I could shift gears into overdrive to get mentally and physically high. Ah! but that's not good, I'd get high from taking life too seriously. I knew no other way. What seemed to make the words come easier was relaxing after work letting my fingers do the talking. I do miss it. My remembrance of dreams seems to have gone away, I truly hate that, my emotions inside the dream state was powerful.

I'm trying I have the phrase flyover states stuck in my crawl and I'll attempt to write it away. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Robin, and A Rambling

It's beginning to look like spring time. Yip-pee-i-a pards! About 10 days ago I looked out the kitchen window about 9 AM and there was my first Robin of the season. He were a fat fella so finding food during the long winter kept him or her beautifully plump. The high temperature that day was 70 degrees, just like the Robin I was outside in the warm sunshine burning the winter's doldrums away. Um, um, um better than a orgasm.

(I'm gonna leave that in. From this day forward I'mma, gonna, leave in whatever, plops into me head.) (((like plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is. No, no, no,no! me wittle mind goes around searching for a spot to land on, like Wheel of Fortune. Is that show still on?)))


February typically is a bad month for me. I;m ready for sunshine and southern winds to blow away the coat of winter. Sunshine on me body makes me happy. A little car ride with my two dogs, Taco and Rambo, a Chihuahua and Yorkie. (Which one do you think is the Chihuahua?)

It's now March perhaps the gloom and doom will exorcise itself with the sunshine and longer days. Damn I hope so!

Having a rough time finishing any post I start. I have a dozen or so started, I write a sentence or two and then nothing. I do suppose since I have been retired for over three years, my brain thinks it can also. Keeping your mind active is very important as you age, per the old folks magazines I read.

I don't know why growing old is so bad? Wonder medications for any ailment in this modern age, right? Well... why the fuck can;t I get some. Back and shoulders hurt all the time, from a lifetime of physical work and youthful stupidity! You know what I'm saying!

Is that phrase still used? My younger brother used to say that all the time.I just hated it! I found myself using it, man did I have a rough time breaking free of it.

That's interesting different generations have their own words popular phrases, especially since the texting outbreak of the more modern era.

My mind just went down, I hate when that happens! my dog is in the chair sleeping beside me he's little help. Can't tap into his brain, I wish I could. That would really be something. Animal Planet said, "dogs have the mental capacity of a two year old." I can tell you from experience of many different dogs a few were smarter and some a lot dumber.

I'm going to plug away searching for wisdom, which will never come or my Yorkshire Terrier would take over.

My smartest dog was an Australian Cattle Dog. My wife named her Aussie Blue, I named her Punky. I suppose I could of called her Blue but Punk seemed to fit her personality.

Every dog has their own personality. My Yorkie took some time training me. Ha-ha! He weighs in at 5 lbs, soaking wet, with a full belly and bladder. I made the mistake of taking him for a ride one time and he was hooked. Now that I think about it, I gave him a bite of my cheeseburger, a ride and a  cheeseburger. He was too little to see out, so I made a box to bring him up. Man did I create a monster! He never leaves my side willingly! My wife calls him my tumor. He's actually her dog, but I think he sensed that I needed more help than her, plus she does not take him for a ride. He's a healthy little dog and a good burglar alarm.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Crying Shame!

My heart bleeds again. I'm devastated by the horrendous news in Florida. Senseless killings of  children. How do you stop such madness? Can it be stopped? My first instinct is no. Craziness, hatred, been around forever.

Get rid of the guns, that'll stop it. I wish it's that simple.

Put trained professionals in all schools. Train teachers in the use of firearms, allowing them to carry. Metal detectors at all entrances. For that matter, that goes for churches, anywhere more than a few people gather, require armed protectors.

What is wrong with individuals that would even think about mass murder. I cannot grasp such insanity.

Cable news will run this story and have guest explaining why. Won't solve a thing.

Politicians have the solution just listen they'll tell you so. Look at what they have accomplished by stopping the drug epidemic. Illegal aliens stopped, right? What have the mighty politicians leading our nation accomplished. Talk is cheap and all the hot air blowing should keep Washington weather permanently hot!

So are these shooters mentally unstable? Well yeah!!! Do we take all mentally unstable people and place them in mental institutions? Why not, if their on medications why not, let the medicine manufacturers pay.

Tax the gun manufacturers, make them pay for the damages their guns cause.

Games that kids play shooting the bad guys, showing blood, then do it over and over. It's not real, over and over, again and again.

I grew up after WWII, war movies play everywhere. Westerns, killing the bad guys, the Indians, hanging cattle rustlers.

All the men in my family had shotguns for hunting, a fun hobby apparently. I never understood it but gained a healthy respect and understanding for a firearm,

When did these school shootings start, I've forgotten. There was no such thing in my generation, so what are the causes?

Everybody probably has an opinion and all are probably right. There are countless causes. I suspect there lies children that simply fall through the cracks.

There was once mental institutions in my state. I remember reading years ago where it was too costly to maintain them the way they have been since their beginnings. So many smaller private mental health homes/halfway house facilities became the norm. With modern medicines, a new era dawns curing enough to be a productive member of society. Seems their saying, per my interpretation is "give them the new meds, let them do the job and get them a job and earn their keep."

I do remember when Prozac was all the rage in the Psychiatry profession. Zoloft and Paxil are also the same medicine, if I understand correctly. Different Pharmas had to have their versions I suppose. Anyway I believe the Drug Manufacturers went crazy trying to come up the next big miracle drug to boost the bottom line. Perhaps this ushered in a new wave of  making billions and curing all problems with a pill.

Can mighty pills cure all? Well many leaks seem to spring from the avalanche of modern cures. Anti-depressants are not for everybody, side effects for some are life threatening as in suicide. So much controversy follow these types of medications.

I don't have the answer, no one does. I suppose I'm just venting my frustrations like most of us.

Countless reasons for the mess we find ourselves in in this tortured world.

Drugs both legal and illegal tear families apart.

Our leaders cannot solve anything. Bickering at the Washington level is so saddening, so childlike.

 The two parties fight and we the American people pay the price, in money and lives.


Monday, February 12, 2018


Well . . . hello . . . there, it's been awhile it seems. I'm alive, alive, he lives. Some days better than others. Old Frankenstien movie, dialogue popped into my mind. "Don't mind do you?" I'm quite happy to get my mind working. It's been dormant for a spell now, I wish to resurrect it and blow them there darn cobwebs out. Get along spiders take your webs and visit someone else. This winter has been hard on me, damn! I want warm weather, sunshine, caress my body, umm-huh, give me, give me!

Now that I have that out-ta me system, perhaps I'll write a little somethun, somethun, in my own way, misspellings and everythang. Don't mind do ya? What shall I talk bout? I shoulda thought of that before I started hey? Nah, no fun in that!

"So Glen, hows the world been treating you?"

Well I'm certainly glad you asked that question since I have been out of commission fer quite a spell. Years go by faster than, than, you know.

"What is your typical day like Glen?"

Another fine question. Let me think, you know that's the hardest thing I do all day. It don't come easy like it use to. Let me elaborate on that. When I was a man of the world, doing worldly ways, you know a-workin fer the man. Taking care of the necessities of daily living. I always had something on my mind, always thinkin', mind going fast depending on the amount of sugar and caffeine. Now I'm talkin' sodie pop, not these lightning bolts in a can that the young-ins drink today. Well it's not just the younger generation a lot are addicted to the more caffeine the better.

I get up when I wanna, sleep when I wanna, eat when I wanna, do what I wanna when I wanna. Sounds thrilling but its not. Boring! Limited by physical limitations, it's not what you think! Don't go anywhere unless I have to, no longer like to drive, don't care to be around people, seems being out and about is a pain the the ass.

I have type 2 diabetes, I take glimipride and metformin for this plus try and watch what I eat. (I watch it go from my plate, my fork into my mouth.) My Doctor kept upping my meds, well now, I happened to notice something in my bowel movement.

"Okay, okay, okay, where is this shit heading?"

That be the most important part. Somethun coming out that ainna, suppose to come out. I have been taking metformin for a few years. Seems my sugar levels have risen since  I stopped working. Two white pills shining through the brown turds.

"Say what?"

I thought that's not possible, just a coincidence. So now I must view my bowel movement every time. I am addicted to looking in the crapper at my crap to see if white pills are shining through. Yep seems There not dissolving, mighty interesting. I cut the pills in half, now I have four undissolved pills. What a conundrum, I must say. So I explain this to my Doctor, he said "talk to your Pharmacist."

I thought about this here predicament I be in. I crush my two pills up, low and behold my sugar level comes down drastically. I talk to my pharmacist, first thing he asked, "are you on time release metformin?" I did not know. Seems I was and the pills I have been taking for several years was doing me about as much good as sugar pills.

I never would of thought such a thing as not dissolving after going through the stomach and intestines. I cannot be the only one having this type of problem. Makes one wonder about all the other medicines. Don't it?

Oh well, I just take one day at a time. Don't do much good to do anything else. You know when something as simple as a daily bowel movement enlightens you to question and learn somethun, maybe there's hope!    NAH!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Winter wheat and springtime beauty.

It was such a nice day I pull into a farmer's field under a big oak tree and had a picnic, me and my two companions Taco and Rambo you remember Taco is a brown and black chihuahua, Rambo is my yorkie. Rambo has the heart of a lion and the body of a mouse. Taco is more of a lover than a fighter. I have a box on the passenger seat so they can see out. Rambo gets the window seat , Taco is happy watching the world go by.

It's a beautiful day, warm with a nice southern breeze. I look out over the wheat field, the wind is blowing the still green wheat that has reached its full growth soon to turn brown for the June picking. The wind sends ripples through the field, I was parked on a small rise so the sight was quite amazing. This feeling of  complete contentment certainly made my day, by far the highlight. After watching the wheat field for quite a while. I decided to read a few chapters my book. Rambo and Taco are settled into their naps chasing butterflies. Time passes quickly, doesn't matter I'm retired and can spend my days doing anything I wish. For a couple hours there was no aches, pains, time didn't matter, only the feeling of the moment, peacefully reminding me there are still moments that do matter still. I was thinking "a ice cream cone would go good about know." I get one at Burger King for fifty cents, do you believe that, nothing better than a good deal, reminding me of yesteryear. Me, Taco, and Rambo have ice cream, whoo-wee! We take a little ride, with the windows down, smells of freshly mowed grass and flowers. Damn! is this heaven? Reality sets in as I pull in my driveway, grass needs mowing. "I think I'll trade Rambo and Taco in for a couple goats, let them chomp my grass."I take them into the safety of my house, Rambo's so small a Hawk might mistake him for a rat and have lunch.

I'm not in the mood to mow my grass, that's how I get my exercise, push mowing. I thought about buying a new mower the kind that's self propelled, then decided, I mow so slow it might be too fast for an old man like me, besides the extra exercise is good for me. I sit outside enjoying the day watching Taco and Rambo playing. The mowing gets pushed back as I read some more. Finally a couple hours before dark with the sun is on its downward slide I get to pushing. No need to hurry, I'm retired, all my life rush, rush, rush. Now its take my time, there's always another day, read another chapter, pet the dog, sip ice tea. When I was in the workforce we would get a fifteen minute break every two hours, NOW, I work fifteen minutes and take a two hour break. The Life of Riley you know. Before you know it, it's almost dark, time to go in and watch Grey's Anatomy. No news shows for me! I'm over that shite! Hog wash, pork barreling, dung slinging, all bull, bull, bull! and more bull, instead of Washington D. C. I call it "The Stockyards."

A shower, a sandwich, two dogs on my lap relaxed as one can get. I wish every day could be like today, and "make it so" just like John Luke Piccard would say.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Grey's Anatomy and Me!

It's late at night I wish to see where my brain is. Nighttime medicines are dissolving in my belly, intestines, or . . . whatever the procedure is.

I have become addicted to the show Grey's Anatomy, I watched many of the episodes with my wife when they were originally aired. I was not excited about it but since she was I made an attempt.

Years of factories and a fast paced life, makes it hard to really slow down and smell the roses, no, no, that's not how I want to phrase it. Damn it the words escape me.

The medical problem I was dealt on September, 17, 2014 was a real awakening. It slowed me way down physically and eventually mentally. Unfortunately the physical slow down was immediate, the mental state took quite a spell. I use to read the paper, watch television, and talk to my wife at the same time. Trying to do all this simultaneously something has to give. I did not use close captioning then. Anyway you see my point, I truly wasn't paying attention to the television. I was aware she loved the show, it did not seem to be my cup of tea. It did not take much brain power to enjoy the shows I use to watch, add my lack of hearing, well now I was not receiving all that I need to receive to fire all me synapses and emotions in order to understand.

My two favorite shows at this time in my life are House and Grey's Anatomy which are popular in reruns. Grey's Anatomy has 4 shows every afternoon on the Lifetime network. House is on the Universal network. I have been able to watch Grey's Anatomy starting from the very beginning, a must do to truly appreciate the characters and what's going on. I still have a working V. C. R. unit with a D. V. D. player purchased in 2012. I simply record and watch at my leisure. Your probably saying to yourself "you old fart why don't you just use the play features on your cable system like the rest of the world?" I could, but why pay $2.99 per episode when I can do it for FREE!

I use the headphones and close captioning when I watch the show now. My mind is totally focusing on the show, man oh man! it sure is amazing what you are aware of if you're using all your faculties. Although my faculties are old and deteriorated I can get the most out of them. Example is when using the headphones I can get all the secondary sounds and music which add much to the overall enjoyment. It is also nice to speed through the commercials.

Wow-za my mind has gone fuzzy from me meds, whatever happens here on out, might be fun. Very few shows do I watch on the BooB tube. I use to watch the news, but I no longer get any enjoyment, depends on what network you watch. Its all about ratings and damn . . . news ainna news no more it's pure shite! I gain more knowledge watching Sponge Bob! I'm not going down the road of politics where it always ends in the swamp.

My mind is almost gone. I don't use alcohol haven't in 20 years. I'll admit to liking the feeling it gives you and see why people are addicted. Right now it feels as though I've had a few. I reckon that's 'bout all for today as my monitor is getting hard to see. I'm currently reading a book called The Symbol, one of them Dan Brown books. It's an easy read and I go get lunch and read some each day. My eyes like the sunlight, age thing you know! My last book was about the pilot who was able to land the plane in a New York river, Captain Sully Sullenberger, another easy read but quite compelling. I don't read much anymore, I need new glasses but find if I read with the aid of sunlight everything is clear.   Oh well that's enough, "Happy trails to you, until we meet again" Roy Rogers use to say that at the end of his television show, Red Skeleton said "may God bless."  Glen says "goodnight my friends."