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Monday, October 21, 2019


The first time I heard this statement I was perplexed or should I say corn-fused, since I live in the middle of the flyover states. I had to ponder for a spell. The more I thought upon it I was angry. A put down. We work, pay taxes, raise a family. We're devoted hard working members of society.

If you fly over at 30,000 feet and you look down you can't see anybody, so you believe there's nobody down there. Duh! we down here alrighty! We're so small you cannot see us, so I reckon we don't matter! Oh my! do I sound a wee smart-assy? We across this nation that live in the country, that  produce the food you eat our lives also matter. Whilst I'm on it or a thinkin', something I don't do so much anymore that I'm a senior, I save my moments. This country is more than big city coastal condos by the sea, you see. ( Oh my I may be on a roll! turn the spell checkee off and go fer it old man, shake them cobwebs out! )

Oh , what have I done? Get me a glass o tea, I'll put an extra sugar in it woo-wee and see how this post plays out, I feel loose. May as well fix me a chipped turkey sandwich with mayo, lettuce and cherry tomatoes, from my garden, hell yeah, live dangerous.

Hopefully eating will get me brain a turning. My mind has been on life support nye onto five years. My current lifestyle does not require the use of much brain power. eating, watching the news, playing with my dogs, minimal drain.

My oh my, this turkey seems to have turned, here doggies a snack fer ya. Ah, potato soup looks good. Rambo and Chico are smiling at me saying "more. more".

Back when I would drink way too much caffeine drinks. I'm talking sodas, not these
defibrillators in a can. One of these lightning bolts would make me sail higher than a kite. No, no, not fer me. I got a big gulp about a week ago which I never do anymore, anyhew, hours later I was in misery I don't like that feeling like my heart is going to jump out of my chest . Back when I was in the workforce I needed that to jump start my tired old body. I reckon I've been out of the workforce for about five years. Don't take much drain on me old worn out Sears Die-Hard battery. Contrary to what you may think even they don't last forever. Next time I'm vacationing in the hospital, I'll get a new Die-Hard Gold installed with a lifetime warranty.

I be a ramblin' just like the old days.

Fly over states huh? We all be gun toting, pickup truck driving God fearing, banjo playing, Peterbilt semi drivers. Throw in some farmers, factory workers, you get the idea, regular folk. We even have schools, colleges.

What would this country be without the fly over states?

I was raised in the middle of the fly over states the heartland. What does the heart do? It pushes oxygen rich life sustaining nutrients to the edges of the body. Well that sounds kind of important to this old boy.

This country would be quite skinny if we took out the fly over states.

A life's a life no matter. This country is made from a mixture unlike any nation before. The problem is the uppity crustaceans become the uppity self-ordained want to be kings and queens. It's no different today than it has ever. Cavemen did not have the twenty four hour cable news like today. We have every Tom Dick and Mary, sharing their platforms twisted view of what they want. What is the truth, facts whatever, it has been lost somewhere in the money, and what does money buy you? The highest paid crookedest lawyers.

I read not to long ago the wealthiest two counties in the world are in Washington D. C.. Another fine fact is, the Unites States being 5% of the worlds population has 65% of the worlds lawyers. 

Happy trails to you until we meet again.


  1. I am so glad you are back here writing. I love when you just let your mind go to wherever it takes you. This is the "Professor" I remember from back in the day when we both wrote all of the time. Keep going!!!

  2. Thanks you don't know how much I appreciate it, as I attempt to get going again.