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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


One Convention down, one to go. The elephant has spoken so what is next? The mule, donkey, jackass, whatever. How many children does Hillary have, to tell her how great she is?

Enough of that. The last several days have been hot uns, yes they have! Humidity who-wee! Why do they call this time of the year the Dog Days of Summer? My tongue was hanging out, just like a dog's. Huum . . . that's probably why they call it that!

Had two Doctor appointments the other day, the older you get the more white coats you see circling, tryin' to get a piece of my insurance!

Enough of that. Let me see I've covered weather and politics, what else is there to talk about? Damn! I seem to be at a lost for words today. Apparently the heat has fried me brain, imagine that! People do eat pork brains, not this here old fella, don't know how it taste and don't plan on tryin' it!

It's now Saturday and I cannot think of anything to write about, what the @%&K! My brain has definitely quit working!

It's now Sunday and I hope me brain has something to say.

It's now Monday night and I'm having trouble coming up with anything to talk about. I reckon my mind has gone blank like my mommas! Ya see I asked  her one time as we are sitting outside on her front porch on a beautiful summer day. "What are you thinking about?"

Her answer was short and to the point "nothing."

I have been after her for a long time to tell me stories of her life especially her childhood, she always said "I can't remember."

Now I always found that hard to take, everybody remembers their childhood and some fun stories. I try again "Mom what are you thinking about right this very moment?"  "NOTHING!" She was stern when she answered so I did not ask again. I had tried for years to get her to talk about her life so as I could write and get the feel from her perspective about growing up during the depression and WWII. I'm saddened that I could not do this. Some people are not ones for chit-chat, so I'll just forget it.

Perhaps, since I cannot find much to say I've entered that twilight zone of NOTHING! Man I hope not, I have a real shot of doing much writing with the Democrat Convention and during the Zoo that's will be the Presidential election. We have money and power fighting money and power, who do you think will win??? That's a loaded question heah?

Poor old Bernie Sanders, did anyone actually give him a snowballs chance in hell. Seemed a perfect candidate to easily beat, just right for Hillary. She could burn him easily. Bernie caught some fire, not bad for a 74 year old man. He gave her a run for the money, but we know almost always money wins!

Don't think much of Hillary or Donald! Presidents can get the smartest people to be their advisors, so if they would listen to the best people it shouldn't make much difference. I SAID IF! Actions speak louder than words, you can buy the sweetest speech from speech writers, they mean, diddly-squat. I suppose it doesn't mean all that much to me, what the future brings, I've lived on borrowed time for almost two years now. I watch the process of politics, a late enjoyment in life. I search for knowledge late in my life, never had time before, I was too busy, working, living, just getting by, you know. I was young and foolish after a lifetime of brainwashing, believing that politicians always did what was right for the good old U S of A. How naïve are we?

Our children, our children . . . I really do hurt for you! You've inherited, something of not your making!

I was once optimistic, once upon a time. I read all the fairy tales. Walt Disney was the greatest man on earth to me. A man still a child, producing masterpieces to keep us young.

The child in me has perished, too much reality in the reality of plain old living. The stupidity of life makes me laugh, or it may be just too much living seeing no other way out than to just give life a good laugh in the face of all adversities, we all face. I still have my opinions and hope to share it with you until my death.   

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  1. I sympathize with you over not having anything to write, or not being able to think of anything. I get like that often lately and then when I do have something in my head I want to write, it comes at an inconvenient time when I can't sit down here. By the time I can, it has slipped through the holes in my brain haha.

    UGH don't mention the heat. It has been hot here, they say the hottest July on record. And to make it worse they are calling for a hot Fall too, what little Fall we have here.

    Who will win the presidency?? I don't think it much matters. I think this country is going down the toilet and it's too late to stop the flush unfortunately.

    I too feel for the kids coming up now.