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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Knights!

I'm sure I've told you many times of what I'm trying to accomplish through my writings. In case your new to Glenview I'll say once again.

My mind whirls so fast at times it's almost out of control. So many thoughts scrambling to be heard coming through the herd of pick me, pick me! It's that part when my typing can't keep up. I've managed to capture some of this at times. Slowly but not fast enough for me, my typing is improving. I want you to experience the uniqueness of me. I believe we're all unique and it's the biggest gift we can share with one another!!!!

There's the flip side, just as the old 45 rpm records had a flip side song, I have my quiet thoughts when I'm relaxing when my stories come through, my special passion is writing short stories, but one has to learn how to type first, hey?  This story come to me a few minutes ago and I wish to share it before it's lost forever, in my "Lost Forever File." Fortunately this idea happened at a time when I could mosey on over to the keyboard, my new best buddy and presto here it is!

                                                        The Knights!

      London England of 1814, imagine all the books and tales you've accumulated since childhood. On the outskirts of London Lord James' estate rises overlooking the city. A former officer in the Amy retired, to a life of leisure. A graduate of an elite college producing the finest Lawyers in England, he quickly grew tired of what Lawyers represent. At age 25 he goes into the service, where he serves 15 years, rising through the ranks quickly, with his personality and knack of reading people. He was a natural. Never married he seemed to be preoccupied with others, never really considering his life was ever so quickly slipping away. At the age of 40 he wants a family, thus retiring to his estate. That's exactly what he did. Unfortunately his bride, Elizabeth could not produce children. He was devastated! He loved his wife but was even more determined to have children of his own. Here on his estate was an ex military Lieutenant whom he befriended, many years younger that comes to work for him as a stable master. This job was a natural fit for Bryan McNair, a lover of animals, he was to care for the large stable of horses and hunting dogs.

     Bryan's marriage quickly produced two children in the first 4 years. A terrible accident occurs one afternoon as Bryan was personally exercising Lord James' white stallion. A thunderstorm blows up, a crack of thunder startled the high strung stallion, as they're crossing a small creek. Bryan lost his balance and fell hitting a protruding rock and that was the end of his much too short life.

      Lord James becomes the forever father figure to the two boys and takes good care of Mary. Mary was only twenty two, would give birth to three more children. Their father Lord James. He takes care of his children and his wife accepts this, because she understood how a man such as Lord James must have children, that would make him happy and so much the better for all concerned. Mary had her separate home and Elizabeth had the title. The children were well taken care of and all was well!

      Lord James needs a new stable master so he offers an old friend of his from the service days the job. He was an older veteran with many skills under his belt. He would not do any work but simply supervise from the service training of 30 years just the complimentary person to add to his stable help which was soon to be Bryans' two boys and his own two sons. His other child by Mary was a girl whom he loved dearly but could not identify with as closely as the four young boys who before he knew it were young men!

      The new stable master was a task master from a lifetime of military services. Albert Montgomery was a wily one. He was well traveled, well read, bearded man of 55. Don't let his age fool you he was wise beyond his age. He carried the practical skills of a lifetime, the intelligence of the finest graduate student with understanding of what they've studied as yet, or possibly never used! He brought with him two trunks, one of carries the normal accumulation of life and the other was never opened and locked in a closet in a secure place in the stable.

      Many years have gone by the four lads were well schooled and well worked by the veteran taskmaster whom they call Major Albert. They were becoming men, strong as well as smart. They were the pride and joy of Lord James and what seems to be their adopted father Major Albert.

       Adam, Jeremy, Philip and Andrew were inseparable. Adam is the eldest through Andrew, the youngest. Being half brothers was never an issue. All for one and one for all. Andrew caught the ire of the Major one day as he found the trunk locked up years ago when the Major arrived.

      As usual the boys were together outside Major's office and living quarters. When he saw the trunk his face become red from anger. This was his most personal and treasured accomplishments of his life! Quickly as his face become red it went to his normal, stern but loving face that he had grew while living here at Lord James. Actually since he has been away from the military for so long he had forgotten about that old trunk, he had carried around the world. 

"Might of known I could not keep that trunk a secret from you young lads. Please put that back where you found it, put a new lock, better still put two locks on it and mind you I want both keys!"

      After thinking over the trunk for a few weeks he spoke to Lord James about it. "I have weapons from all over the world in that trunk, to be used if needed. People around here have never seen such tools or weapons according to how you care to look at them! If you wish I'll destroy them, no need for them here. I learned to use them all from earlier in my life seems unnecessary now!"

      Lord James was intrigued by this trunkful of memorabilia and asked Major to bring them to the house one evening for a personal showing along with the stories surrounding them. It was one hell of an evening starting after dinner, though drinks, cigars and dialogue reminiscing 30 years. Just James as only the Major called Lord James was much more than a close ally in the service he was a father type figure to James, always enjoying his company especially after a few drinks. The Major would talk about many handheld weapons in drinking sprees in the past, but here they were right in front of him, he could not laugh at the ramblings of a drunken soldier. Major took some out and explained them to James. Once a weapon from the Orient was pulled out and swung around by an old semi-drunk man and pow, placed an egg sized knot on his head!

      "Do you know how to properly use these weapons or did you just buy them as keepsakes?" They had a belly laugh out of that and talked till dawn. Lord James thought about the trunk asking, Major to please brush up on them and at the time of reacquiring the needed skills to give a demonstration.

      Many months have gone by. Lord James noticed many scars and bruises on the Major and quietly he laughed knowing the Major was practicing, thinking "when he's ready he'll show me, after all he's getting on in age! laughing inside."

      One year later the Major said "I'm ready for a demonstration James."

      Lord James laughing out loud said "I wondered if you might kill yourself brushing up on them weapons and maybe if you killed yourself then it wasn't a good idea!"

      "The lads are in town and I have set up a demonstration place if you're ready I'll show you now."

      The demonstration was a real success Major never got one scar, nor an egg on his head! Impressive Major, very impressive. "How about you teaching the lads how? Can't do any harm, seems it would improve their overall conditioning and be a lesson from around the world, you can teach them about places and cultures they'll never see."

      "Splendid" said the Major, "I'd like to think the last year of cuts, scrapes, bruises was worth something!"


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