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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Uncle Jim

Oh shit! I hope you did not read yesterday's post! That made me look screwed up! I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT SCREWED UP! Just old! Aging does things to you, you know! Well I reckon you don't know if your young! Ah! To be young and know everything once more! The good old days! Something about the last couple sentences doesn't sound right! Knowledge is gained through living and experiencing life! Yeah that sounds right. I believe somebody called Confused-us talks about wisdom and philosophical stuff. He must of been one smart fella! How do I know? I've heard people say "Confused-us said, this, and that, la la la la la." Whatever! You could take my old uncle Jim Beam at family picnics, such as fourth of July, he would not say a word, but if my daddy offered him some alcohol, especially whiskey, old uncle Jim would come to life. Yes he would! I think my daddy planned it, so that when uncle Jim would be hitting his prime as in feeling the inebriating effects of that there whiskey about sundown. Yep, when the sun went down, old uncle Jim would be feeling goood!!! The campfire be warming us up, hotdogs be a popping, uncle Jim would bring out his smokes. I was amazed at these little smokes, they be funny looking, non filtered cigarettes, uncle Jim called them, his good smokes! I remember them smelling much stronger than his filtered cigarettes! Never seen them "good smokes" until Jim started laughing. Daddy tells us youngins "uncle Jim was in the war, took a lot of shrapnel and has many aches and pains, from that, and old age, plus heartaches from life. Has had his heart broken and is a quiet man, living with a  military pension. Nothing seems to get to him anymore, he has seen and done it all. Yep, uncle Jim would come to the picnics, family get togethers walking slowly with a cane. We all felt sorry for uncle Jim! But daddy knew how to soothe uncle Jim. Uncle Jim called whiskey "medicine!" Daddy let me smell it one time and it took my breath away, but uncle Jim would sip it at first and lick his lips, later on, he would chug that sucker and holler like a hyena. All we youngins knew, was that poor old uncle Jim's face would change from a grumpy looking old man, to a story telling, wisdom spewing, Confused-us fella! Daddy said "he had a good heart, that the war done things to him!" Anyhows, uncle Jim would be smoking them little cigarettes, tipping that bottle, making us youngins laugh, and cry, we were mesmerized by him! He would stand up and dance showing no effects of that shrapnel, his "medicine" and "smokes" rejuvenated him and all us youngins loved him! After a spell uncle Jim would get sleepy and we youngins would have to go to bed. Daddy would sit with him, just the two of them. I realized that even though my daddy was younger, he was the big brother now, taking care of uncle Jim. I learned from uncle Jim many things through his vivid and amazing storytelling. He was confused from the many scares of life! Although many times, much later in life, I can still hear his wisdom, his most magical way of relaying life lessons echoing in my head. Ones that would view him walking slowly, limping in much pain, would simply see an old man! Some, that knew him, would call him a boozer, telling how much he loved his "good smokes!" Me, as I grew up, see uncle Jim entertaining, not just us youngins, but my daddy, loving every minute, seeing his older brother, so alive as he once was. Only a burnt shell of his brother remains, he loved him so! I learn more from old uncle Jim, than all the Confucius fellers, that ever lived! Uncle Jim was REAL, no fairy tale, no made up words from a man sitting on a mountain pondering the philosophical wisdom of life! Uncle Jim experienced it and in all his frailities of living life he was real! I was taught, never judger a book by it's cover!!!

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