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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Front Porch

"Come on brain, come to Poppa" and let's see what we can muster up today! Yes I'm talkin to myself, don't you? It's 4:30 a m, noo-body up too listen. "Hello", out there in the land of Blogdom from o'l Glen here in the Heartland of America! I ate so much turkey I feel like one, "gobble, gobble"! I never know what I'm going to type and that be the fun part, yes-sir-ree!

Growing up here in a small town, visiting family members on Saturday and Sunday was, the entertainment. Most on my Father's side, lived in the boondocks, in the county with gravel roads. His Mother and Father lived in a house without electricity in the 50's. They never wanted for nuthin, they had as much as they ever had in there lives! Can miss, what you've never had! As simple as folk lived back then. Families visiting families, that was the entertainment back then.

Sitting outside on the front porch, rocking away in the rocking chairs. Houses always had big porches in the old days, that's why, for visiting. Air-conditioning was the oak tree, keeping the sun off the house and porch, yes-sir-ree, they wanted for nuthin! Modern conveniences to them was an automobile to get into town and work, that be all the modern conveniences they need!

The men folk would have one of them big galvanized tubs with beer and ice, that's all they need to get and be happy! Put some bottles of  coca-cola for us young-ins. We're silly enough with childhood imagination, we didn't need no alcohol. Them adult men folk seem to need alcohol to get interesting and after sunset when them women folk are starting to fall asleep inside the house is when them men folk was getting fun! Shucks I've forgotten most of them tall tales! Seemed to be about hunting, fishing, fighting, has Uncle Leroy got out of prison yet, typical men folk stuff! Late at night the stories would turn scary as we young-ins are still awake acting as though we was sleeping like the old hound dog Rascal. We wanted to hear them scary stories, seems they never run out of scary stories. I suppose they never done nuthin socialable back then, without a bottle of moonshine or a tub of ice-cold beer. That's why the stories always seem to get bigger and bigger before they would fall asleep, I reckon!

What kind of stories! Well you got to remember times back then with country folk was real simple. Frog-gigging, coon-hunting, (yes, them little masked furry critters), rabbit hunting, squirrel hunting, fishing. Fishing for cat-fish was really popular in the summer time. They'd pack up all their supplies with the tub of beer being the most important. The women folk never let us young boys go! I didn't understand why until one day my Momma says, "I ain't a going to let any young-ins of mine go out there with a bunch of drunken men folk, they'll get drunk and use you for cat-fish bait"! My Momma and her side of the family had some sense, but not my Daddy's, I reckon! 

Sunday's, was Sunday School at the local Pentecostal Church, a small simple place! My fav-O-rite time was Sunday Dinner! Grand-pa being a reformed alcoholic didn't stay up all night like the heathenistic, men folk. He would take all us young-ins to Church and come home waiting fer dinner. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, dumplings, biscuits, my Grand-pa could pack it away, yes he could!!!

Wheter it be country folk or my city family, "The Front Porch" in the summer time was the happening place! I'm a blend of two different worlds, I reckon! The Front Porch was where I overheard and learned many things! That kind of family bonding has been lost, whether it was good or bad I don't rightly know! Somehow I think it was probably good for the women! The men, well drinkin, talkin, cussin, tellin tall-tells may have been a rite of passage I dunno! It were interesting times and a lot of fun for us young-ins! I suppose I can tell some tall tales of my OWN!!! I would like too! I HAVE MANY IDEAS WITH SOME MODERN TWISTS ON "THE FRONT PORCH"! Hope you enjoyed my little reminiscing about my childhood days! Thank you ! 


  1. I really love the "good old days" stories. I often long for a time when life was much less hectic, much simpler. Families these days barely find time to sit down together and just enjoy each other's company. I have been trying to get mine together more often lately, but even then, the younger ones can't put those @#*$#& cell phones down for two minutes. I've a good mind to take them all and smash them with a sledge hammer hahaha !!!

    Great story Glen. I appreciate your writing so much.

  2. By the way, I talk to myself also (I am the only one who really listens to what I have to say!!)