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Sunday, October 31, 2010

CORNER LOT (4) "Dorothy knows best" Halloween Special

          "I buried all my pets around this plot, anticipating my burial here. So this ground is very special to me. While we are discussing ground and with your blessing, I would like to give a financial gift to make this property a park and put this house on the National Historic Register. Of course only with your approval, I do not wish to seem presumptuous. I will give a considerable sum of money to assure that this property we'll stay that way forever. I have plenty of money and wish to do something positive with it when my time here is over. Have I perplexed you young ones as you did me when you ask me to live with you? Please think it over" Dorothy says. 'We are speechless and Stacey and I will mull it over" as Stacey and I both shake our heads in agreement. 
          Dorothy is doing remarkably well as we finish our tour of the property. She is an amazing person, extremely intelligent, self made millionaire and her once broken hip is showing no signs of troubling her.
          Stacey and I agree to sleep on Dorothy's idea a few days. We have never discussed burial before. So as not to rush we decide to wait one month to think about it. After one month we both come to the same conclusion. We love this property and like Dorothy would love to be buried here close to our beloved home. We finalize this with our Lawyers.
          Dorothy brings another one of her pet pictures and just like Tiger they come to her. She only had to read about them before going to sleep and they would visit her during the night. It was not in dreams they actually were there "somehow." All of her cherished pets appear. She merely reads the stories she wrote about them. She drifts off to sleep lovingly thinking of them. It does not matter how or why she loves and accepts every moment of the precious time spent together. She wishes to tell Stacey but how can she convince her? These nightly visit baffle her, what would Stacey think.
          Eric is to be out of town for a few days. I will use that time to to prepare and show her. Dorothy and Stacey talk about life after death, ghost and paranormal type goings on. Since it was Halloween time it was not out of the ordinary. Stacey was open to other unexplainable activities beyond normal comprehension. She could not explain but believes some individuals are able to bring paranormal phenomenon to them. Dorothy ask Stacey "do you believe in love as in human, animal even possessions like this house?" "Yes of course Stacey answers." Dorothy ask, "do you believe in me and that I am in control of my mental state," "absolutely was Stacey's answer." Stacey ask Dorothy is this house haunted?" "Full of love and that love has loving bedfellows! Dorothy explains, I have loved many pets in my time and have never experienced anything out of the ordinary until Eric found my trunk of loving memories. I place Tiger's picture on my night stand and go to sleep thinking about him." Stacey said, you told us it was a dream," "yes that was what I originally thought but it has happened numerous times since and I assure you I was not dreaming." "goodness gracious can you see him?" Stacey ask, "no but I hear him purring and feel him jumping on the bed and feel his fur. I have tried the same thing with my other pets and the same thing happened!" Dorothy states. "Wow! wow! totally absolutely amazing" Stacey blares out! "Do you believe me?" Dorothy asks. "Absolutely, do you think it would happen If I was with you?" Stacey asks. Dorothy fires back, "are you not afraid? not in this house and not with you, no, says Stacey. So it's set I will bunk with you and let's see, okay." "Sure but you are taking it much better than I expected" said Dorothy. That same night Stacey sleeps in Dorothy's bed full of curiosity but not afraid. Dorothy believes Tiger to be her best shot so his picture is on her nightstand. Stacey agrees to be perfectly quiet when Tiger makes an appearance.
          Several hours later something jumps onto the bed and they hear a small locomotive headed up between them. Dorothy reaches down with her left hand and pets him. Stacey feels Tiger's presence and hears his purring. She sees Dorothy petting an invisible cat, yet it is real. Stacey cannot control herself, she reaches down and feels fur and further more feels Tiger purring full of love. Stacey is totally dumbfounded and not the least bit scared. They give Tiger some love then he curls up and all 3 go to sleep. Well two of them go back to sleep they are unsure what Tiger did. Morning comes and Stacey tells Dorothy "that was so amazing, The love in this house is alive.' Love from Dorothy, Stacey, Eric the animals this house and property is real! All playing the same note, the note "love."
          As soon as Eric returns they gang up on him and tell their story. He is flabbergasted but could not deny because both of them experience the same thing. Confused but one for being open to unexplainable phenomenon, realities , dimensions whatever they are called. Eric ask "what if I sleep in a chair beside the bed do you think I could experience it also?"
          So that night all 3 wait for a beautiful and unexplainable adventure. Tiger was again shows up, his purr in high, revving as if to tell Eric. He gently reaches over Stacey and pets the invisible, real sounding and warm to the touch cat. Eric did not doubt what the two of them were telling him. But no questions remains after experiencing it for himself.       
          At the breakfast table the warmth and love was off the "love-o-meter scale." Dorothy's pets became family (love ones) because they knew this is their home. Animals and humans as well would rather be here, than anyplace else or any other spiritual existences or what other realities exist. Is this their heaven? Love is the foundation, without love there is only existence. With love our spirituality transcends time and space. We are pure energy. Something no human is meant to understand. Are boundaries are limited to what our senses tells us, we are  incapable of using but a small part of our mind thus limiting are understanding.
          Dorothy knows that soon she will be one with her animals. Like them she wishes to remain with her most cherished and love place, her home. Eternity is where your heart is and her heart is this house.
          It was simply a matter of time until Dorothy brings up the question to Eric and Stacey. "Do you think it is possible for me to return like my pets?" Eric ask Dorothy to please share your thinking on this subject." Dorothy explains, "my whole life has been conventional as far as religion. The normal heaven and hell scenario. However lately since my animals are visiting me I believe because of love that is shared both ways. Is it possible for my love and both of yours love to do the same." "WOW" at the same time, Stacey and I say. Stacey says, "seems like you have been doing much thinking on this." Dorothy responds," what if heaven is where you wish to spend your eternity. If I could choose, I simply wish to spend it here. This is where I feel love and give it back to my new love ones. I am willing to take that step. Do you think the sight of my rocking chair rocking will scare you?" Not unless you are eating pineapple upside down cake." Eric laughs. "You are dead serious about this aren't you Dorothy," ask Stacey, "YES," Dorothy replies.       
          "We could be entering breakthrough ground but only the 3 of us will know" adds Eric. "If you come back , that means we can too! This whole scenario stems from love, doesn't it?" questions Stacey, "Yes, yes, yes all 3 say." "Let's sleep on it" Dorothy laughs. Eric and Stacey also laugh, "nothing wrong with your noodle," Eric exclaims.
          During lunch Stacey and Eric say "we have nothing to loose, do we?" All 3 agree, "No. "Dorothy iterates, "one thing I will put a stipulation in the paper work and of course both of you will have to sign. I will give enough money to see that the house and property will be maintained. Also after the last one dies, shatter proof dark glass and all entry ways are to be permantly sealed. That way our home will not be vandalized. I will pay 3 lawyers a retainer and their successors will represent us forever. "Eric adds let's do the paperwork and wait one month. One month later after discussing it from every conceiveable angle the paperwork is signed."
          Dorothy's animals come to visit her everynight and one night her heart just gives out from old age. She's buried on her beloved property. Eric and Stacey continue her ritual with her animals. Ten years has passed, no Dorothy. They have given up hope. One icy day a semi-truck crossed into their lane and they were gone. After a few days their spirit eminates through the ground, they sense much warmth and love and there was Dorothy with all her animals. She waited for them, they go into this journey together and she wishes to enter into their house (heaven) together.         

               A HALLOWEEN STORYAND MY TRIBUTE TO WALT F. "He once told me his house was not a home after his wife died."
                                                                ,                                                                                                                                        G. E. G.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

CORNER LOT (3) "Unusual Happenings"

Recap, 1&2-Dorothy's childhood home filled with a lifetime of memories told every Sunday afternoon to Eric and Stacey Best. The new owners to whom Dorothy sold her beautiful home to for $ 1.00. They fell in live with the 100 year old house. It takes as much money to restore the house as what the home was valued at. That is why Dorothy sold it to them for that amount. Thus guaranteeing it's restoration. That was her goal above anything else. Worth every penny say Eric and Stacey.
          Once the home was renovated. Dorothy was given a personal tour of her former home. She cried all the way through the tour. Eric and Stacey continue to visit Dorothy every Sunday at her assisted living facility. She tells them stories with so much passion about her old home, Stacey leaves upset. "It's not right" she explains to Eric. He ask "what do you wish to do?" "My wish is for her to come live with us" Stacey says. Dorothy is asked, she moves in with one stipulation. She is mentally sharp as ever, still running her many businesses, one ironically is the assisted living facility she is at. If at any time she becomes a burden she makes Eric and Stacey promise to bring her back to the home.
          Eric and Stacey Best and Dorothy Elizabeth Vaughn are extremely happy in the 100 year old freshly restored home. Eric and Stacey make the observation that Dorothy seems to moving more fluidly. She tells them that she has an incentive now! Back living in her childhood home makes her feel renewed.
          Eric has searched high and low for the trunk that is Dorothy's time capsule as she states it, with no success. Eric is in the basement cleaning up, that is where the majority of the work happened. He was sitting down taking a break looking around and he thinks to himself there was always a cellar years ago for storage of garden vegetables. It was cooler in the summer and below the frost line to keep from freezing in winter. He looks around and "Wa-La!" a piece of plywood lies against the wall. When he removes the plywood an old and very rickety door appears. Just as he suspected a cellar. After getting a flashlight he shines it into spider heaven. There it is! Dorothy's trunk. He pulls it out cleans it up and takes it upstairs. It contains her life of memories so she should be the one to rediscover her treasures.    
          Dorothy cries upon seeing the trunk and gives Eric a hug. "Thanh you" she says and opens it as if a 10 year old. We leave her alone with the time capsule of memories. She spends all afternoon, laughing, crying and reminiscing. She ask Stacey "please sit with me" and they they laugh together. It was simply amazing. The whole house is full of love.
          Dorothy says all the excitement has taken a toll and she is going to bed. She takes a photo and a booklet, she seems to be carrying the 4 toed cane instead of it carrying her. Most unusual, I believe all the excitement and emotions have made her feel 20 years younger. I love it!
          Dorothy reads the story that she wrote when she was a mere 12 years old about her first pet "Tiger. " He was a large orange male. He was just weaned when her father gave him to her. Tiger sleeps with her and they were always playing. Dorothy places his picture on her nightstand. She drifts off thinking about all the fun they had. She dreams about Tiger and can feel his fur as she strokes his back and hears him purring. Something wakes her up jumping into bed and walks to her side, the purring is familiar, she is not the least bit afraid. She rubs his back and falls back to sleep. As she wakes up she  thinks what a dream! She has not dreamed so vividly since childhood.
          Dorothy tells the dream at breakfast and Eric and Stacey smile. Later on they say the trunk has made a big impression on you thus sparking the realistic dream. Stacey and Dorothy look at pictures and Dorothy tells stories. All that reminiscing has wore her out, crying, laughing her heart is full of memories. The photograph or her and Tiger still lies on her nightstand. During the night she wakes once again to the sensation of something jumping on her bed and walking to her side. She reaches down and pets Tiger. His purr was ferocious and she would recognize it anywhere. She laughs I cannot be having the same dream. She reaches for her glasses, I would not be reaching for my glasses in a dream. Looking at the clock it is 1 A. M. I'm not dreaming so how can this be possible? My mind has to be playing tricks on me. It's so beautiful. I'll enjoy Tiger and keep it to myself. Eric and Stacey won't believe me. Me and Tiger together once more. 
          Dorothy, Eric and Stacey spend countless hours looking at memorabilia and listening to her discuss with so much enthusiasm all the details. They say to her later that her memory is amazing. Eric says "living here and reliving the trunk memories has improved her well being, have you noticed how much easier she is getting around." "Yes" replies Stacey.
          Dorothy questions her health improvements. She doesn't understand and certainly is not going to knock it. She feels 20 years younger. One morning she decides I don't need that cane anymore and goes to breakfast without it. The look on Eric's face was priceless! "Wow look at our young girl" teases Eric.
          "Glad to see you looking so chipper and feeling better without the cane" Stacey replies. "All thanks to you two, inviting an old cripple a place to live in you fine and I must emphasize a one of a kind home. It has much improved my outlook in more ways than I can ever repay" Dorothy says. Dorothy moves spryly over and gives us a kiss. "This has and will always be your home, you are the one that have instilled into us your lifetime of love, memories and help make your home our home" emphasizes Stacey. "Farther more we love you as if you are our mother." Dorothy cries, Stacey cries and big ol manly Eric wipes his eyes. "Well isn't this family togetherness" quips Eric.
          Dorothy ask "since we're so full of love and while I feel so chipper how about you young-ins walk with me around your lovely property. I might not feel so chipper tomorrow." Eric and Stacey say "sure." We stroll under the gigantic old oaks to the rail-road where a young and curious Dorothy lay a penny on the tracks and thought that penny was about the funniest thing she had ever seen. She stops at one particular spot marked with a small boulder. This is where my father wanted to place a small family cemetery. It was approved by the county and I believe it to still be good. He for whatever reason he changed his mind. I wish to be buried here. Of course it is your property now and I harbor no ill will. Since I have no family and you two have no family what if the 3 of us make this our family plot.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


          He was originally purchased by a couple from a Pet Shop. They soon separate and give the little one to their next door neighbor. The next door neighbor has two young children, apparently he did not like these children. He would hide from them. It would seem to me they had to abuse him or he would not act like that. These children came to visit him after Nic-O-Las came to live with me and he found a place to hide from them. Whatever the problem he still remembers. I don't blame him, in just 4 months he goes from being snatched from his mother to a Pet Shop to a couple. The couple separate and he goes to the next door neighbor with 2 children that he did not like. He comes to my house which makes 5 homes in 16 weeks. Do you doubt the little one would have mental scars, especially from the 2 monsters. Nic-O-Las by no means has been the ideal pet. Can you blame him. Hell most of us probably have childhood baggage and I have not been the perfect husband. Dogs have feelings too! They have their own individual personalities, give love and accept love. He goes from an adorable puppy, possibly from a puppy mill (I recommend the original Benji movie that talks about this). He grows up to be rather large for a Yorkie.
          He becomes my buddy who's love remained constant. He knew when I was sick and would try to make me feel better. He can make me laugh when he is so full of himself. He made me cry as he almost die. He has never been perfect just as I but we are 'Buddies."
          I buy a toy that barks and I find the voice gizmo and one tiny battery the night he became sick. He carried that toy around proudly a few days before he was sick.
          I do feel certain, had I not intervened as I pick his cold lifeless body off the ground, that he would of lay there and died. He was in a state of shock and given up. He simply did not know what to do. I share with him my body warmth and love by rubbing his chest and belly. I soothe him and instill a reason to fight. I am convinced of this beyond a shadow of a doubt. His heart once beating slowly returns to normal in a few hours. I witness his shallow breathing become deeper, taking in life once again. This I know as I hold him and comfort him for several hours. His cold limp body was slowly warming from within and outward as I hold him and he lies beside me in my bed. He was not alone, we fight together, choosing life. Once he drank although slowly he began coming back to me. A ray of light shines like a lighthouse on a foggy night. Once lost now found. Drinking pushing the toxins out. Hope springs eternal.
          I return with chicken and rice. I spot his tail wag as I open the door renewing my hope. He eats 2 bites and lick my fingers clean. The tiny bites become 2 spoonfuls within 12 hours. His once cold body is now warm. He rolls over playfully and wants me to rub his belly. This has always been common with him. He has gone from showing little signs of life when I pick him up off the ground. He is at my feet as I write this story chronicling his last 50 hours of normalcy.
          He is not perfect, just as I but we are pals come hell or high water or contaminated "Crap" from China. We are "kindred spirits" and I wish for him to die of old age on my lap.
          You see only one week before his "belly ache from hell," I thought that I might have to make a trip to the emergency room. I receive a flu shot and a tetanus shot within 7 days and that triggered a bad reaction to my body.

Monday, October 25, 2010


10/17/2010 (Midnight)---Nic-O-Las is not feeling well, he upchucks his dinner. My 10 year old Yorkshire, believe me when I say "terror" instead of Terrier. Probably a bellyache as he will eat anything. His head hangs low. Is he sorry for the mess he made or because he is feeling poorly? He cannot rest continually moving from place to place.
3AM---I get 3 hours sleep he is looking bad, his head is low and looking up at me pitifully. He occasionally lets out a whine from discomfort. I'm convinced it;s a bad bellyache because when he goes out he eats grass; natures cure. He cannot get comfortable and won't eat. He drinks slowly.
8AM---Bad upset stomach I think!
10/18(midnight)---It has now been 24 hours and no improvement. He cannot rest and cannot understand. I try to comfort him but he does not wish to be held.
3 AM---He is lying on my bed. I pet him and talk to him trying to comfort him. He rolls over on his back asking me to rub his belly. I rub it trying to make the discomfort go away, if only for a little while. He is listless and has been 24 hours since he slept. 
5AM---He goes outside. He was out for maybe 15 minutes so I holler for him, Nic-O-Las and he does not respond. I go outside and see him laying face into the ground. The temperature is 55 degrees. I pick him up and he is unresponsive and terribly cold. I say to myself, is this it for him. I place him to my chest. I hold him tight with my right arm under his chest. He feels so cold and his heart beat is slow. Breathing is slow and shallow. If he dies I want him to go in my arms feeling my warmth. Smelling my scent and feeling my love. Not outside on the cold ground.
6AM---I think his suffering has caused him to go into shock. He is tired and giving up! I hold him tightly rocking him, rubbing his chest and belly. I tell myself this is it, won't be long now. With tears in my eyes I tell him fight Nic-O-Las.
            Earlier in the day he followed me around holding his head to the floor. I talked to him but could not get him to wag his nub of a tail. I think definitely not feeling well, he'll snap out of it. Normally I can look at him or speak to him and he will wag his nub.
           It does not look good. I can barely feel his side move as he breathes. Heart beat is dangerously slow. I lay him on my desk and cradle him snugly to my chest. I continue to rub his chest and belly and talk to him. I provide him with my body heat. I occasionally blow on his right ear. He flinches it, still a glimmer of hope.
7AM---I am giving him heat and love. If he dies he will die in my arms.
8AM---He is fighting, I have held him for 3 hours. He is now breathing deeper. His heart rate is quicker. Body does not feel like the death rigidity of earlier when I pick him up off the ground.
9AM---I place him beside me in bed. I hold him close for warmth. I sleep 2.5 hours he is lying beside me, feeling warmer. I pick him up and steady him next to the water. His head is hanging so low his nose touches the water. After 5 seconds he drinks. Definitely a good sign. I pick him up and place him on a blanket on my desk. He is nowhere near normal but appears over the hump. I bought lamb and rice for him yesterday. I 'll try it.
12 (midday)---I place a tiny bit on my fingertips and show it to him. He ignores it. I tell him try just a little bite. He licks it off my fingers and licks my fingers clean. I try a bit more and he licks that off. That is real good.
1PM---I lay back down he and I both need rest. I place him beside me. After sleeping 3 hours he is still beside me. I pet him and ask "how are you doing Nic-O -Las."
4PM---He is sleepy, never one for waking up quickly. I talk to him and take him to the water bowl. Shaky and sleepy he drinks, slowly but more this time. I carry him outside and sit him down, not interested. I believe he needs more incentive. I carry him over to a landscape brick. Leg pops up and he lets it fly. I tell him good boy another good sign. I carry him back inside and place him on the bed.
5PM---He eats a bit of the lamb and rice. He doesn't seem interested. I 'm going to Walgreens, on the drive over I decide to get chicken and rice for him.
6PM---When I open the door Nic-O-Las is off the bed to greet me head still hanging low. He looks up at me . I ask him "how you doing." I get a couple wags of the tail, a real good sign! He walks over to the water and drinks. I pick him up and try the chicken and rice. He eats with more passion, After another bite he licks my fingers clean, Yes!
7PM---I have been worrying about my little Buddy and now my stomach is growling. I have not eaten anything today. I am craving mashed potatoes. I place Nic-O-Las where he can see me. While I fix potatoes he watches every movement I make. Alert and curious a real good sign.
8PM---He intently watches me. My meal consist of mashed potatoes. The best damn mashed potatoes I ever made. I watch Jeopardy, he watches me. I start writing this story while still fresh.
9.30PM---Nic-O-Las is napping trying to catch up on his ZZZ's. He did not sleep for 36 hours. He has worn himself out, "he is dog tired."
          He has been my Buddy for 10 years. We have been through the good, the bad and the ugly together. He was only 4 months old and psychalogically scared when he came to live with me. I could identify with him because I too carry scars of life.
                                                                END PART ONE

Sunday, October 24, 2010


          I'm an addict, now I've said it. I feel soo-much better. I'm free. The weight of the world is off my shoulders. I can live once again. The addiction once controlled me causing irreparable damage.
          It has been one week, I have not slept, shaved, or bathed. My mind has quit functioning. No fuel for the boiler. I can't go on, my life is over. I'm having visions, I see newspapers all over my place. I smell orchids, onions! Headlines flash on my walls and on the refrigerator door. I'm now reading the labels on soup cans!
          I cannot continue this way. I give in and go to the garage and find the newspapers that I have not read. (My inner voices say you nit wit!) The newspapers are still in pristine shape unopened and still smell of ink. I gently place them beside my favorite reading chair. I get my favorite drink and prepare myself for my newspapers.
          I know it has been several days since I have showered and shaved have I or have I not poo-pooed? Apparently the addiction is worse than I thought! I believed the weight gain was from food as I have been snacking more. Not from you know! I now understand the philosophical point garbage in. garbage out.
         Obituaries, I understand how cold that is but once I turned 50 that is the first place I go. Truthfully I never thought I would live to see that age. I did not feel any older than one day after hitting that brick wall. I am not dead, so I proceed to page 2 orchids and onions. A real down home taste of life in a small town. I'm sorry but I get a good laugh at this column.  Example, thanks to the kind couple who helped me find my mommy when I walked away from her, Dennis the Menace. Do they think we who read the paper are nit-wits. 3 year olds can't write and call the local paper, gee-whiz! His mommy wanted someone to take the little monster, poor thing.
          Onions to the nurse at the E. R. for being rude. Nurse Betty Lou had to put a tube down your throat and pump out one a day vitamins, sleeping pills, pain pills, prozac, M&M's and a fifth of Jack Daniels. Betty Lou saved your sorry ass, she lectures you about your moronic and foolish behavior (I would of let the vitamins and M&M's run their course.) This one I love. "Onions to the Politicians." That's really telling them. Oooh! Onions to the next door neighbor cat for spraying my roses, (I would ask Jack Hanna to bring a real Tiger and spray, you.) You see my point real down home. I now read the Letters to the Editor.  Today is a slow day only one Political, I do not read it. My views on Politics is the same as what Will Rogers said many years ago.
          It is such a bad day for opinions or possibly no one in this small town has thought the last few days since I did not read my newspaper. (Ha, Ha) There are samples from one sentence Dick A. Jones to mind boggling intelligent well thought out and well written. Heartbeats of all can be felt from these pages. Small town America giving their "views." You can feel the intensity, passion, hope, hate, bigotry, love, intelligence and simpleness of their words. From the laughs of Onions to the eye-popping and well thought out Intelligent ones.
          This is my "addiction" and I do not wish to change it. I finish reading the rest of my cherished newspaper. I feel so much better now!
                                                                            Thank you, Wayne Blaine

Monday, October 18, 2010


      Bill Lee's life is changing. After the loss of his childhood pet/friend "GOAT." Bill Lee is maturing as surely as the corn he plants. Adult feelings are springing up and confusing him mentally and physically. He begins viewing one young girl from a different perspective. This girl is Lilly Claire. Daughter of the local Veterinarian Thomas Alvin Meriwether. Billy Lee and Lilly Claire have known one another their whole life. During their sophomore year of High school changes were happening within Bill Lee and inside/outside of Lilly Claire. She appears amazingly beautiful to Bill Lee, not the skinny kid in overalls and pig-tails any longer. 
      Lilly Claire Meriwether loves animals. She would spend all her time at her fathers Clinic/kennel if he would allow it. She wishes to become a Veterinarian just like her father. Lilly Claire and Bill Lee play together and are friends since Grade School. On many occasions she visited the Hill Farm undoubtedly the premier Hog Farm in the state that is what her father said, "the Hill's do everything proper." Lilly Claire was awe-struck just like her father at Bill Lee's uncanny abilities around animals. They discuss Bill Lee countless times. Her father explains it this way, "Bill Lee was born with a special gift, reasons not to be understood but cherished. He becomes as one with the animal, an extension of each somehow." 
      Lilly Claire works with animals, it takes much patience and persistence to gain their trust, whereas Bill Lee looks them in the eye and they merge somehow? Lilly Claire blossoms into a beautiful flower. Long silky dark hair with big brown eyes, drawing stares from all the boys. One in particular, Bill Lee Hill.
      Bill Lee definitely knows his way around a farm and his accomplishments showing pigs and his escapades with Goat are legend around these parts.
      Bill Lee and Lilly Claire sit side by side in Biology Class. The smell of her hair, her beautiful eyes and her perfume was made him feel a might goofy, he tells his Dad. Benny advises him you are growing up son. He knows that as he is over 6 feet tall and still growing. When he sees other boys laughing and talking to Lilly Claire he does not like it one bit! The feelings within sure perplex him, he has never been so confused in his life. He talks to the sows about it. He ask Mom and Dad,"could he sit beside Lilly Claire at Church on Sunday." "Certainly but don't you think you should ask her first?"Mom tells him. Bill Lee calls her and she says "yes." Whew that were a load off his mind. After Church Bill Lee ask her would she like to see a movie. She says yes, "but you must properly ask my Mom and Dad." Bill Lee replies, "no I don't want them to go, just me and you." Lilly Claire laughs, "you big silly pig farmer, not them to go with us, just ask them if we can go together." Bill Lee laughs, sorry I'm a might new at this."
      Bill Lee asks Tom and Susan Meriwether in such a sincere and polite manner, no way would they refuse. Tom tells the story like this. Bill Lee and Lilly Claire side by side looking at Susan and him with puppy dog eyes. Bill Lee asks politely, "can Lilly Claire go to the movies with me, please?"
      That is the beginning of Bill Lee and Lilly Claire. Everyone agrees they are the cutest couple and made for one another because of their passion for all animals.
      Benny Hill receives a urgent call from Vet Meriwether. Tom ask Benny to please bring Bill Lee to the Campbell Horse Farm immediately. Apparently a prized Stud Horse has gotten himself into one hell of a jam. Wrapped himself somehow in high tensile strength wire from the fencing and fighting to free himself he was close to cutting his neck vein. Attempts to help only spooked the animal more.
      The Vet wants Bill Lee to use his natural gift to calm the poor thing down and administer a sedative that will literally put the horse to sleep on his feet. Bill Lee never bats an eye, removes his I love hogs hat and nonchalantly talks to and approaches the heavily puffing and terrified Stallion. Bill Lee looks the animal squarely in the eyes. The valuable Stud returns Bill Lee's deep and penetrating eyes. There was 10 people witnessing this amazing sight. Bill Lee slowly with his arms extended out in front of him to show the animal he means no harm walks right up to the horse's flared out nostrils, not touching but allowing the horse to smell him. He runs his left hand on top of the animal's head and comforts him while soothing and stroking his neck with his right hand. The horse immediately starts to calm down and breaths deeper. Bill Lee lays his head against the horse's head and places his left hand around the massive neck, talking to him rubbing him with his right hand. The horse never flinches as Bill Lee injects the sedative.
      Benny Hill watches every move his son makes. Bill Lee and the animal become one, putting his life in an unknown hand. "Trust and love overrode fear." Horse people watch as Bill Lee soothes the terrified horse. Bill Lee was just a hog farmer. They all work together to cut the animal from his bonds. Everyone shakes Bill Lee's hand and pats him on the back except for one. She runs up and jumps into his arms and gives him a thank you kiss, as everyone looks on. She didn't care this was her man, she was laying claim. It just so happens a photographer takes a shot of a sleepy horse and Bill Lee and Lilly Claire kissing . Headlines for The Farm Country Gazette.   

Sunday, October 17, 2010


          (Recap part one.) Dorothy's childhood home filled with a lifetime of memories are being told every Sunday afternoon and chronicled by Eric and Stacey Best. The new owners who Dorothy sold her house to for $1.00. Because they to love the 100 year old home. They complete all the necessary repairs to make the once proud home livable again.
                                                                         PART TWO
          Several months have gone by since Dorothy cried touring her old home. Eric and Stacey visit her regularly at the assisted living facility where she has lived since hurting her hip many years before. Still overseeing her financial interest and still as sharp as a tack. Her mind still plays like a fine violin. Her body withers but not her mind.
          It troubles Stacey to hear Dorothy speak with so much passion about a material possession. Like her former home. Stacey starts feeling somber after their visits with Dorothy. It's just not right! Dorothy has lived her whole life in that house. She must discuss her feelings with Eric.
          After a lengthy discussion Eric ask "what do you wish to do?" "I want to let her move back in and live with us." Stacey replies. "Sounds like a splendid idea, seems only fitting that she should spend her remaining years in her childhood home" Eric said. It was that simple Dorothy with her beautiful stories has made her home, their home with her lifetime of memories. They are in complete agreement, but what will Dorothy think? She has plenty of money for around the clock care should it ever become needed. She gets around slowly but laughs about it. They discuss how to bring it up. "simply truthful and straight forward" Eric suggests. She has given us more than we could ever repay and she as a lifetime savvy businesswoman would see through anything less than honest and heartfelt. This is our home because she has passed on her love of it, to us. We were looking to purchase a special one of a kind and did we ever! Our minds are in agreement and set in stone. Sunday we will explain to Dorothy how and why we reached this conclusion.
          Sunday we listen as usual never tiring of hearing Dorothy reminisce. We bring her a piece of pineapple upside down cake, her favorite. "You two young ones are spoiling me, If I wasn't so old I would ask you to adopt me" Dorothy laughs. That's our cue, so Stacey asks "Dorothy we would like for you to come and live with us as our special guest." "Good lord almighty have you two young ones lost your minds" Dorothy responds. You two don't beat around the bush do you! Have you thought how I might handicap you with my presence." " We have not nor would we ever think of you in that manner" says Stacey. "Your asking me to even consider that has made me happy." Eric adds "Young lady you might outlive us, we are in our fifties, your mind is as sharp as as young as ever. You have given us the diary of your home and instilled into us your love of your home. Stacey and I would consider it a great honor to live with us besides how much food can you eat. Pineapple upside down cake every Sunday, a Birthday cake, a present on Christmas morning and if you are real good we might tuck you into bed each night and read you a bedtime story." Dorothy is laughing and crying at the same time. "You two get out of here you have perplexed me enough for today. I have much weighing of thought and emotions to weed through. I might not be able to sleep tonight. Such a showing of love warms me deeply. No matter my decision I will carry you two in my heart until my last dying breath."
          Eric is unsure of what Dorothy will decide, not Stacey she tells Eric "Of you have your choice of living your remaining time in an antiseptic smelling old folks home or moving back into your newly  modernized home where you have lived 95% of your life in, what would be your decision. Seems a no brainer to me and Dorothy brain cells are all still functioning."
          Next Sunday Dorothy acts the same as usual and starts reminiscing with no mention of their offer. After playing with them she slides her answer in by saying "yes to your kind offer; however if at anytime my mind should stray from where it is now, I wish to come back here. Is that understood! Now give your new old girl a family hug. Within a month Dorothy is sleeping in her old bed in the room she grew up in and in her old home. Eric and Stacey give her a gift. A stair lift to take her up and down the stairs with seat belts.
THE REST OF THE STORY WILL SHOW YOU A SURPRISE OR TWO. STAY TUNE FOR MORE CORNER LOT. Thank you. G. E. G. I feel like a new Bill Lee Hill story coming soon to GlenView.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


          A young man from a temporary service comes to work wearing low riding jeans with black under wear showing. I understand young people like to dress and act differently. Fine, understandable, I get it rebellious thing. Give us old farts a break, nothing new. Call me prudent in old age. One wishing employment should come dressed for working. Comfortable clothing to move freely in. Capable of bending over picking up type stuff. Do you think animalistic showing your feathers type stuff, strutting your peacock,whateverrrrr your attempting to do will is gonna turn on grandma here??? I'll refer to this rebellious moron as Hip. I 'll interview him now. Hip, "what is the point of your pants here today?" Dah!, "yo dude hows it hanging," "no Hip "I asked you" Hip replies, can you shorten the question so my pants can hear you." I ask "PANTS", "Hanging with my bros'"s and got a call to show somewhere, I can't say that word bro, so I'm cooling." What word Hip? "w word bro" I reply, "work" "yo" was his answer. Never know when I need to hang, you know." "No I don't know, your here from a temporary service right?" I ask. "yo" hip shakes his head. I decide I will attempt communication later.
          Unfortunately he works close to me, I am giving the honor of viewing his low riding pants. I mentally block him out, can't for long as he is playing a drum solo and it is louder than the fricking machine. I think to myself "chill out dude". I turn the other direction and talk to Scorpion girl. (That's a made up name obviously). I complete our conversation with a large laugh. Hip looks at me and ask "what." I look at him and "say I don't believe I was talking to you." We have 14 machines making noise' he is playing the drums. I now get it he wears his pants so low he hears through his ass!!! I tell myself to chill. I do my job and block Hip out. It's working.
          I cannot take anyone seriously wearing pants that low like a badge of honor. It just happens I look over there as he takes his right hand to his crotch and lifts his pants and whatever up. I laugh like hell shake my head and tell myself, I am having one of my awake dreams moments, cause my imagination sometimes screams for relief. I'm running 2 machines I let one run out. I bring myself back to reality, I start my machine and tell myself to block Hip out and focus on the job at hand. Job is finished we are cleaning up. Hip once again pulls up his pants via the one hand crotch raising technique and just when I think I have seen the bottom of the barrel ones, this low riding crotch raising moron shows up.
          This whole fiasco is so moronically stupid and it throws a wrench in my gears so bad I can't write funny from wanting to lecture him for being the stupidest excuse for a human being possible. Does this young man think he will ever get anyone to hire him with the way he is presenting himself. My grandmaw from the southern hills of Indiana would of hit me in the head with a baseball bat, tied me to the bed and prayed to the lord for help if she would of seen such an idiotic stunt.
          How can this behavior go on. Have we as a society just covered our eyes and this is the results. What about the agency he came from? Do that not have any standards.? Does this young man seriously entertain thoughts of steady employment. I cannot even fathom the thoughts of this young man having children. Him being a father????????????? That is so scary I cry for that child. I cry for the children already. I do not go out and look for people like this! They come from an employment agency to my place of work. Is nothing serious to them. Has individuality been reduced to this. You say it is just pants. I am willing to overlook the young man's pants as like of guidance. But to blatantly take his hand and raise his privates in such a manner as to indicate such emotions as too say """"YOU. This young man should, I cannot even think of the just punishment, my grandmaw "could" I bet.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


          I want to tell you when my silliness reaches its maximus. "Huh!" say you. I get homma about 3 AMA. Let the dog out , he barks when he wants back in. I get a large glass of water. (I hear you!!!) Yes, water right out of my faucet, from my water supply deep underground. Water that "Mother Nature" has filtered to perfection. Not Glacier water with remnants from Chernobyl in it. That crap might taste better but I don't want my pee to be fluorescent green when I go to the bathroom. Also, I ain't going to pay $5 a gallon for it. Who in the hell would of come op with such a lame brain idea, anyhow? No sir I ain'ta  gonna do it! My water cost me little. I believe my body is maxed out from Flu shots, pestishit, oops! Did I write what I think I wrota, maybe nobody will notica, (been trying to learn Spanish) after thinking about fluorescent pee. Okay all the crap in our body, no! not crap, crap "Pollutants." Do you see what I see, I bet you don't !!! assa it's past my bedtime, when most people, "NORMAL PEOPLE." By the way what is normal? Poll = POLITICIANS , utants = MUTANTS. Where am I going with this ??? OKAY,! OKAY! Damn little Joe PesKy has taken up residence in my brain.
          I know my Buddy Timster sees where I ama going with this. Hi Tim "I SEE YOU!" This "Bud" is for you. When is a Politician the fullest with with so much "green" pollutants??? JUST BEFORE ELECTION DAY.      
                                                                                                              G. E. G.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


          I must apologize for being completely new to the world of computers. My post, Super Store I was too windy and the Blogee Brain stopped me short and I lost the flashy line thing-a-ma-jiggee. Without that I could not control anythingee. Having such a trying day at the too big I can't fail place. It may just be me but when I think I know where to go to find my St. John's Wort, they move it. I see conspiracy. They don't want you knowing. They play with your mind (that's why I take my wort). They want you to search and say to yourself, oh yeah I forget I needed that. Searchin over Hells 11&1/2 acres to find that cute little tooth brush you saw last year. Until your cart runneth over and you maxeth out your credit card.
          Okay, being such a long and tiring day I fear losing my post and I kept seeing visions of Gumman poking that little brain, I were a might out of control. Too much lost time, lost yesterday. When it looks as though, I were there to stay and a shadow hanging over me, oh yesterday was so long. Now I truly need a place to hide away. (What the hell was that) ask Truthman. I was perplexed and way past my nighty- nite time. The heck with it I told the truth in  my post, The Creating Of GlenView. I lost the r in creating. So I hope you will accept my humble apology. Also for the ever lasting amount of errors, I guarantee you, I will make.
          I would like to finish the story of Super Store and give opinions. (oh ???t comes from my brain).
          The man and woman with the battery problems leave a few minutes before me. I figure it took the ones from the L. O. T. L, 2 hours to figure it out. I figure they must have another handicapped little brain back there! Here is how I view it.(Notice how I work my last name in, tricky little devil ain't I  today). The battery couple, man one and me. Take 2 hours to mount 2 tires because them men in back are too tired. Then 1,000 points of light appear above my head. Ka-ching,  ka-ching, "winner." Them tired ones in back quitting time is 8 PM. That's why it only took them 1 hour and 20 minutes to put on my tire and it took 40 minutes to get past the dinkleberries up front. Them men in the L. O. T. L. must be faster than they look. It's now 8:05 I sit down in my van, dazed, shocked but relieved to return to my own world, into my own version of insanity. It's a wonderful life.
          I see ulterior motives. They want you waiting and not sitting on the hard metal bench from hell. If your a-shoppin , your a-buyin. While waiting I see a couple I'll call Tyrone and LuLu, kissy, feely  hands on couple, as I was writing my attention was not centering on the counter area. I figure they are getting a oil change. They disappear into the store and come back in 10 minutes with a 12 pack of beer. I definitely know they have been here before and get around the system. Here I sit eating M&M's, they are going to the bus pickup shack and whatever.
          My mission was accomplished, I only took 2 valium to bring my B. P. down to normal.
          The world changes around us. I remember reading Grapes of Wrath and the phrase "company store." Seems to me the ones here, do that already. We all eventually will be doing that just like in the book. Once we are completely dependent on the company stores, being that they will pay us little forcing us to buy from them. I am naive, I reckon to think that the creator of this empire never envisioned today' s trend. The customers first, simple logic and homespun beginnings have withered to what I experienced. The simpleness of the Mom and Pop stores, Washington Street homeyness and stories of helpful hardware men, never really existed, did it? I am an ancient one, lost in the land of the lost. That is why I'm proud to feel a lost era, if only in my heart. The simplistically uncomplicated enjoyments that I wish for ones now to witness just once. The childhood fascination of a dime store. Walking 2 blocks to your neighborhood Mom and Pop Store. Buying a coca-cola for a nickel. Buying chewing gum with baseball cards inside. Gum with Beatles cards and cherishing the feel the excitement the amazing magnificence of simple pleasures.                 
                                                                                                 THANK YOU G. E. G.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


          Momma needs a new tire, where you gonna find a new tire at 5:45 PM. It's 6: PM I walk in, my first mistake. One customer waits at the counter, I'm feeling good about this, this alone should of been my first clue. I spot a man and a woman off to the side but did not concern me as they were not near the check out. One with the look of a sophomore high school student walks behind the counter, motions to the two that were standing off to the side Eastern Indian in appearance. They go back over to where they previously had been waiting the man produces a receipt. I have changed my first evaluation, to now not looking good for fear of not being acknowledged. I have now been demoted to third. I grew up in a time where customers was looked at spoken to and would say even if they were busy. I will be right with you and some would say Sir. I do not expect common courtesy in the world of today and although grudgingly will bequeath that. It's the look right through you cavalier attitude I have grown to dislike. I will accomplish my mission even if it test me, cause Momma must get a new tire she has sisters have family plans for tomorrow in Nashville and I as her squeeze will successfully accomplish my mission no matter the casualties to me or the enemy.
          The young man picks something up behind the counter and disappears with the man and woman. Ten minutes into insanity and wishing to be helped, suddenly a man in blue appears and helps the one before me. Chewing gum as if it was a tough steak. He goes to working on one of them hand held brain gadgets they stick with a large needle. After going in and out the door half a dozen times he scans a piece of paper holding a bar code. I am know first and have lost only 20 minutes of life. Gumman get keys, goes through the door and returns in 5 minutes. He then goes into the tire pits of hell and returns carrying one tire. He takes the tire into the "L. O. T. L. LAND OF THE LOST." Why, I see little going on in back. He reappears and I am acknowledged "is the manager trainee helping you", to which I reply "no he picked up your brain thing and left." Gumman poking the other brain says "he left me the bad one." He keeps poking the brain thing, poking and asking me questions. That little brain needs knowledge, he grows frustrated and his gum chewing pace increases. The wonderboy manager comes back in and hangs on to his brain. Gumman tells him "you are going to have to requisition a new one." I think hell yeah you been a-pokin the little brain non-stop for 5 minutes no wonder it don't want to work. I know have lost 35 minutes of my life observing highly skilled craftsmen walk through doors carrying one tire and poking a little brain too near death. I ask "what do you call that thing?" "TROUBLE" Gumman says. I'll give it to Gunman he were a determined one. He goes through the door asking me "which one." "The first van through the door" I laugh. He is now taking the other end of the little brain getting my V. I. N. number. That end must not be working any better than the other end. You poke any brain for 5 minutes with a big needle and see if the other end function properly. He appears to be the most stick too it man I have ever seen. He comes back to me 'what kind of tire do you want" "one just like is on there." he goes back through the door and comes back in asking me to sign the little brain. After 40 minutes of watching grown men play poke the game videos I'm plum wore out.
          Not having any supper I get a bag of M &M's a notebook and 2 pencils. I wish to chronicle my escapades and do it while it is still fresh. I return to the one waiting bench. I reassured myself the hard part was over until I set my big butt on the hardest bench I have ever had the misfortune to set on. (By  the way I got peanut M&M's seemed more appropriate.) Not that I haven't been annoyed enough one itty bitty bug keeps landing on my notebook and all attempts at putting him out of my pain have gone without success as it seems destined to be one of those days. I now mention total darkness has now reached in amusing myself. Time has now picked in pace verses watching men disappearing into the land of the lost and poking a little brain. I have written every peek and poke down in my diary of silly activity here today. By the way my last M&M was blue. Managee Trainee, remember him. Mr. Gumman was troubled because he took the one good little brain and he was taking his frustration out on the handicapped other little brain by trying to poke it too death. (You have to stay with me folks if you like I wish this year in recap in cuckooville to end) From the land of the lost Managee Trainee says "your ready" "your righta, I'm ready." I'm now worried what If  I get the handicapped little brain again I can't go through that much poking of the little brain fella again I'll go to pieces and pick him up and say I love you little guy even if them lost souls don't come home with me I will see to it that you never get poked again. No it is just like 7-11 now zip right out

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Where did that last post come from. I must of fell asleep and Tired Man wrote for me. Enough of that crap. I'll keep a can of "Jolt" within arm reach. Forgetting your vitamins affect you more as you age. I thought it could of been Senior Man, he's a sly cunning old fart. Too dark for Philosophy Man. Appears more of a Tired One. I'll call him Common Man.
My mind fluctuates to extremes, always has. I will be morose one moment then laughing the next. Some might call this "Crazy", I think it makes for interesting conversations to the ones residing within. No I do not have schizophrenia. I have a cast of misfits that have taken up residence and choose to peek out occasionally. Mostly harmless souls that dance in my mind and say things at the most unexpected times. I use to walk around and be talking to them, other folks would look at me with uncertainty. Do they not have inner voices. What teaches them right and wrong. I was told by my grandma that we have an Angel on one shoulder and a Devil on the other. Please, don't tell me that's not true. Grandmas never lie. No I'm not wacko. (My wife might disagree with that) I simply choose to entertain myself. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest was a fine book. I felt right at home with "Jack and the boys".
Have you knew someone lacking in imagination. Creepy! little activity there. They do not read for pleasure, (say that's not so). Impossible, are you kidding me! When you learn your a, b, c's, it's the beginning of life itself. Curled up in beside the fireplace on a cold day with Corkie the Yorkie on your lap, sipping hot chocolate. (You mean to say there are people who do not do that). No high blood pressure on these wonderful journeys, unless Nurse Ratchet , Cratchet, Crikey I forget pops up.
There is, this here slang for television called the "BOOB TUBE". Seems stupid to me. (That is what it means). Commercials blast out to wake you from a deep sleep. This is when they want your brain to be active. When selling products. Who gives a rats a?? about survivor 20. If you remain in the no-zone world  of unintelligent beings, you would miss the commercials. Info-commercials, what the hell is that? What tiny headed num-nutted nit-witted advertising moron come up with that. Sheesh! makes my skin crawl. Here I was finally getting used to a fast talking man repeating the same words over and over 60 times in 60 seconds and still not knowing the product he was pitching. Now a commercial is 30 minutes. Stupid ?sses!!! The ginseng knives make me want to drink gin and slit my wrist. Is that the point ?
They take a homely looking woman that has never smiled, who has not brushed her greying hair and seems to be in pain. Now! look what our magic makeup can do for you. Pleeaassee! It was not the makeup that redone the lady in pain. A new hairdo with coloring, longer lashes, she presents a beautiful smile, 1.5 tons of bondo and a handful of "OXYCOTIN". (They take us for oxy-morons). Sheesh! a warted witch would look happier on "OXYCOTIN".
Beer commercials are for the ones who mentally never made it past 12 years of age. One day they are sitting at the kitchen table drinking genetically modified milk from Bessie who weighs 10,000 pounds. Producing half a tanker daily for farmer Fred. (Yeah, I used to have 100 head of dairy cows, now it's just Bessie and me). One day, the forever young 12 year olds are hanging on the couch. One who is wearing a black sheer stocking on his head, just lifted a case of Bud from 7-11. Ahman is stoned on the favorite smoke of his ancestors, talking crazily about 69 virgins. Boo Boo, now your new best friend that you only met yesterday is reminiscing about the good ol days when you and he skipped school. Yoo momma has allowed you to live in the apartment above the garage. With one stipulation, never sit foot in her house. Especially at night. Officer Frank Magnum is way too trigger happy especially when he and momma are diddling. The hospital bills are too expensive.
I heard momma say something about a "$1,000,000 insurance policy. I was floating in and out from the meds".
This is what I love letting my mind go anywhere it pleases. It's an awake dream. I do not wish for reins, that defeats the thrill. My brain has always been, (think) "verb"+ UP! Is it good or bad? "it's me". I do not wish to be anything other than who I am. I will show my innermost thoughts good or bad as I attempt to do it humorously; however sometimes life is not funny and I might sneak in the dark side occasionally. That is how I wish to present myself to you. You will learn more about me than 10 ????ing psychiatrist. I had a childhood friend that would use 10 ?????rs to describe everything. From 3rd grade on he used that phrase. There was 15 children in his household, I do believe he earned the right to do so.
To never attempt is to always fail. It's possible the trying provides the adrenalin. I have fun with myself at the words I come up with. It's my inexperience at typing. I might start a screwed up word book. How about Glen Views Terms and Slang. Ah Oh ! (maybe a might too close to Sling Blade). How about "Dancers In My Head". "Maybe, Let's Play Peek A Boo In My Brain."                        

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Survival is my priority, mentally and physically. Body worn from life, aches and pains are norm. Seems new ones crop up every day. See the Doc, take more meds. Vicious unstoppable circle. Life makes me an introvert. Mentally I feel renewed. I have more understanding and inner peace than ever. It's the non-stop existences of life that test my will. Simple becomes complicated. Complicated by human boundaries. Common sense replaced with words, such as challenged. Challenge; anything that calls for a special effort. Add one letter it now means "DISABLED". Lots of people disable themselves.
Disabling from lack of effort. "LACK" a  simple yet powerful word. One might say, I lack an S. U. V. That is not the same. That's a want. I want this, I want that. A blind person lacks vision but they succeed because they try. Overcoming and working around obstacles. Disabilities do not stop people "some" work around them. Some cry foul. First hand witnessing of astounding individuals that lack many things in life succeed, others "that want" say, I fail. You must help me. Help is okay, everyone needs "guidance". Guidance is a lighthouse, showing, helping instructing. Demanding without earning makes you a lackey.
Someone who gives all, are winners. Mentality should give you insight. Intelligence alone may make you smart, yet lack wisdom. Greatest gift of mankind is compassion, understanding.
I grow tired of people in positions that should be providing guidance. Instructing basics for survival and life. Giving such lackadaisical efforts. A horse with spirit "heart". Will give it's all to the point of killing itself.
People with heart become contagious. I do not have to explain, we all have known people like this. Needed now, more than ever. Compassion, dignity, morals, individuals with inner understanding and common sense to see through the bull that require hip waders today. I fear it's too late. The modern world of instantaneous communication has handicapped the masses. Have we become what I once thought generations before us were trying to avoid or is it the same O. same O. That has existed and what I believe has destroyed civilization after civilization. Rebuilt only to be destroyed again because of greed, corruption, power.
We the people are the animals. Destroying previous civilizations, the biggest armies become the leaders. Not from wisdom from destroying. The ones in charge, the most powerful cry! We know what's best for you, we are wise, we will take care of you, we will teach you love, happiness, compassion, family values. Its non-stick, the same O. same O. Wise, intelligent. rich, leaders know better than common folk. Who wish nothing more than to survive and raise another generation. These few disable us, as surely as species of animals grow extinct.
Is it a conspiracy? Who knows! It works! I grow tired my body dies with each passing day. My spirit leaves flying high! Your spirit, your "essence" never dies. It flies around the world lands to become dust. Reality stays real as long as there are "real people'.      
         Sorry I must vent to become me again, more fun stuff planned. G. E. G.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


          Opinion; a belief based not on certainty, but on what seems true or probable. 
          Opinions are like numbers. Ask 5 different people their opinions on any subject. 
          Take statistics pro or con and watch magic happen. Ross Perot comes to mind, the way he used them. Being a billionaire he could buy statistics. Democrats and Republicans with all their money do the same. 
          Does opinions matter? Certainly. but only to the ones stating their opinions. Everybody has an ???hole ( I try not to cuss and am finding it hilarious to state my opinion using different words to make my point. Butt, ( I seem to take more words doing it.) Sorry where was I, philosophy, no been there done that. Philosophy reminds me of something, please hold ........................................
          My mind is clearer, sorry I must recap to re-coop my thoughts, keywords, opinion, statistics, Ross Perot, money, poo-poo = politicians. Opinions seem to matter especially to politicians. No, not your opinion! The opinion of their speech writer, opinion of what type of people in the crowd. If it is a $1,000 a plate dinner, it is tuxedo night and your money buys any opinion. If it is Detroit Michigan General Motors Plant it is roll up my sleeves, I'm a working mans opinion.
          I give my opinion, possibly that's one of my 1001 faults. I keep a list, I'm going for the Ripley;s Believe it or not record for most faulted male. I like giving opinions because I can use my brain as it is my opinion. People I know, know my opinion is on the way. It's free and it "will be a-comin".
          I am starting a new way of stating my opinion where I work. It seems if J. J. is not doing his job and I, an old man have to help. I will say get off your lazy ??? and get it in gear. Well most likely I can get by with that; however if I'm tired, I might use the words of wisdom handed down to me by my forefathers. You are the laziest ?????????? person, I have ever seen. These words are extremely useful in getting their attention. Example, words like this, that make them visualize action seem to jettison caveman instincts, giving them a shot of much needed adrenalin. In 9 out of 10 times I see immediate response. Face becomes red, heart rate speeds up. Yes that's it, adrenal glands are cooking, now take that shot of glucose and instead of running from the big bad dinosaurus breakus and "workus". Okay!!!! the other 10% of the time I am in the offus listening to the bossus sayus "you can't talk to dingus dongus" that away. I state, I was merely using a verb stating my opinion under the first "opinionment".
          My new gimmick is laughing  and smiling with the biggest, goofiest look I can muster up and then use the verb word and freak them out from trickery. I will smile and laughingly say you are the ?????????? laziest person I did ever, not see. ( I'll let you know how that goes). I'm having a brain fart and temporary lost my connection, stay tune as I reboot, ( that is one of my favorite new words ). How's that  my final thought is a-comin.
          Okay, re-boot is where you must re-boot your computer, my vivid imagination sees something else, my #12 boot up someones ??? twice, once for fun and once for free.
          Final thought, if I don't take a nap before it comes out. Websters Dictionary #3 definition for "OPINION", ( drum roll please )..."formal expert judgment" Glen Bob has just given his formal expert judgment.  
                                                                                                                 G. E. G.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


                    I have taken my meds. I wait for something to pop into my mind before the wooziness begins. I'm playing around with the dictionary, my side-kick.I use to hate looking words up. Once you learn your A B C's and learn to read Dick and Jane, words increasingly get tougher I suppose that's the whole point though. My first grade teacher Mrs. Horsefield (laugh if you want) was sweet and patience. Words and teachers grow more demanding. My sixth grade teacher was strict and a good teacher. It was here that I heard the news that president John Fitzgerald Kennedy was dead. From that moment the innocence of childhood was gone. Everyone feels the loss as Walter Cronkite sullenly gives the evening news as many members of the family watch in denial at grandpa's house. I try to understand as a 13 year old child/man. I remember watching the funeral. My life has changed, I feel as a man and think as a child. Adventures of Tom Sawyer are gone replaced by realities of "The Real World". I'm not read to comprehend such an insidious act. I now become part of  the "reality-hood".
          Life was never the same an arrow was lodged in my chest and I did not know how to remove it. I studied the assassination of Lincoln but that seemed ancient history. I did feel somewhat better after reading about him growing up in a log cabin, his love of reading and how he would read by the light of the fireplace. I could identify by wanting to finish a story when I was told to go to bed I would finish with flashlight. I could not sleep if I didn't finish. If  Lincoln the way he grew up could become president dreams are achievable. Books are my escape imagination dreams are a good thing to be cherished. My grades are good and something to be proud of.
          A non-understandable feeling however would not subside. A year goes by we get on with our lives the man from Texas is president. My grandfather leaves me , the one adult male, I truly loved, we could sit side by side not speaking yet communication did not stop. He became hard of hearing with age , I was born that way. I allowed him to cut a thorn out of my foot with his pocket knife.He was so much more than my grandfather. He was my mother's father and share the same quiet gentleness. He never raised his voice. He was forced to retire from the rail-road industry having worked there 40 years because of hearing problems.
          Reality too close has changed me and not for the better. My grades slide I now hate school. Absenteeism begins. I hide from the loneliness and escape to books, where I never felt alone. My imagination takes over I do not wish to be in the real world. I could go deep into the seas with Jules Verne and laugh with Mark Twain my all-time favorite author. He would make make me laugh when I need it most. School was never the same , I struggle with life never seeming to fit in. "I was who I was or as "Popeye would say" I am what I am".
          Loved the hot new group from Liverpool. Loved cars working part-time to buy one. I just simply did not know who I was! Certainly not unusual for anyone at that age probably. I really never thought what if? I merely look back and see where my life was altered. Valuable lessons are hard taught but never leave. These glimpse are but many that create GlenView.  Hard work, perseverance, living teaches daily life lessons and shape us as we try to understand.
                                                                                                                       G. E. G.    

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Corner Lot

          The 100 year old house looks out of place. It sits on a huge corner lot with a magnificent growth of oak trees. That all by itself has sold me. The modern houses around the old world craftsman built house are simplistic in design built quickly using cost cutting poor workmanship methods.
          A still used train track lies approximately 300 feet from the back of the 2 story home. The exterior of the house has been maintained meticulously giving the appearance someone still cares. I have been told that the granddaughter of the original owner still owns the home, that's why the house still retains it's personality.
          Stacey my wife, I am Eric Best having had successful careers and wise investments along with prudent living have retired early and acting on our dream. We are searching for a one of a kind older home still retaining it's original charm. We tease one another by saying we will know it when we see it. It was that easy for me as I walk around the corner and view the size and character of the corner lot. The train tracks did not hurt the property quite the opposite. My grandfather worked for the railroads 40 years filled my head with stories, I absolutely love the "rickety, rick" sound they make and the horn bellowing at a distance.
          Stacey however was not sold as easy, she did agree with me the outside was as just as she had dreamed. We see properties that were once picturesque but the outside environment simply did not match. This particular home and it's immediate surroundings literally takes you back 100 years. Original iron fence around the house and a spectacular growth of oak trees that cannot be reproduced. I envision a photograph at this moment in time with a train going by in the background the same as yesteryear.
          The real estate agent hands us a key and says "take as much time as you need". We are full of anticipation as we enter the house. Majestic living room with high ceilings, wood floors and beautiful old world style trim. The centerpiece is a magnificent fireplace creating Christmas images in my mind. Off the living room is an equally impressive dining room leading into the kitchen with original fixtures. The kitchen is equally impressive as the other two rooms in over all condition. There are two large rooms appearing completely out of place. Such sharp contrast you immediately ask why? They share the same wood floors and old world trim but have modern drywall, lights and wall switches. The back room has a door leading to the basement. The upstairs is beautiful and more impressive. Most time being spent downstairs thus the upstairs has less wear and tear. The house appears solid and made to last. It will still be standing after the newer houses being built today, if someone maintains it the way it has been.
          In order to meet the standards of today, new wiring would be the first requirement also a whole new plumbing system. The original heating system is still in the basement. This house has never known air conditioning. The expense of up grading these systems would cost more than what the homes close to it are selling for. We discuss getting a structural analysis and estimates before proceeding. We also agree you could not build a house like this today.
          Before receiving our estimates we get a call from the lady that owns the house. She would like to meet us. Dorothy lives at the finest assisted living in the area. Dorothy is 5 foot tall, walks with the assistance of a 4 toed cane. Dorothy is extremely friendly outgoing and as my grandpa would say as smart as a tack. She tells how there once was cornfields surrounding the house; suburban sprawl kept coming and now all you see is houses. Her grandfather lived in the house until 1950. Her and her mother lived there and her son. He practiced his Veterinarian trade until he died a few years ago. That is why those back rooms are different.
          She finally says "the reason I wanted to see you in person is I don't want that house torn down for development. I know it need updating to be lived in. I fully understand the expense needed to do so. I would sell it reasonable to the ones who would restore it. If you are interested please get quotes and come back and see me.
          The whole situation is perplexing to us so we visit the realtor. He explains Dorothy owns the reality office. Her son is dead she loves that house and she intends to see that it doesn't get demolished. She is in control of her affairs and has enough money to do as she wishes. Stacey and I both agree we love that old house. We go back to visit Dorothy she says "good to see you again Stacey and Eric Best I never forget a name".
          "We would like to hear more stories about the house, if you don't mind". Stacey ask, "good heavens no I don't mind. My bowling league does not start until 8 this evening "Dorothy smiles, we laugh. She tells of holidays in the house, playing in the oak trees once she she placed a penny on the railroad track after hearing a boy say how the train will flatten the penny out she wanted one of them pennies. She places a penny on the track and sure enough, the penny was bigger and flat she laughs and thinks that is something. She still has that penny and put it in a special place filled with memories a diary of sorts. She had a crush on the boy next door, they marry and raise one son. Outliving everyone and so many pets she could not remember them all. She wrote stories about them and her family's life. Her whole life her parents and grandparents are chronicled in that diary, newspaper clippings, pictures and such. That diary became rather large and is still in the house. I have misplaced it somewhere before I come to live here. I placed everything that I cherished most since a little girl in that trunk. If you purchase the house please leave it in the house. I wish it to remain there. That is my time capsule. I can leave this world in peace if that happens. I'm terribly sorry I have become overly sentimental, you two came here to hear good things about the house and I fill your head full of drivel please forgive me. Stacey kisses Dorothy on the cheek and I kiss her hand and tenderly say "I hope you bowl a 300 game tonight". What a afternoon!
         Stacey and I visit Dorothy every Sunday we absolutely love to hear her reminisce. Stacey starts recording our visits she loves Dorothy's stories so much. It warms our hearts. During our marriage our careers were foremost, occasionally we ask each other have we done the right thing by not having children. Like Dorothy we are all that is left in our families. Funny how you can work thirty years of your life accomplish your goals achieve monetary success and at age 50 question, did we do the right thing?
          It has taken many weeks to get bids for updating the house. We visit Dorothy weekly she ask "how much to get the house up to standards, "OH MY" was her reply after looking at the estimates. She says "I have been in touch with my lawyer and wish to sell you the house for $1.00, all you have to do is live in the house and love it, hopefully as I do. One other thing, I hope I'm still around when you move in, I wish to see it one last time". We respect her wishes. Dorothy has contagiously embedded the love of her home into Stacey and me. Absolute strangers wishing to find a one of a kind home have successfully gone beyond and have received a diary told to us and recorded in person. It goes beyond money, we can afford to purchase the house. Dorothy knows that she wants us to have a home. She has furnished us with enough memories to make it so.
          One year later we walk Dorothy through her home. We change as little as possible in modernizing. Running new electric wiring without knocking walls down. We redo the plumbing and heating system. We leave the old radiators that use to provide heat to keep the charm intact and leave the old boiler in the basement just for nostalgia. In looks it's new and livable and has the feel and charm of when it was new. Dorothy laughs and smiles while touring her home. She admits to being as happy as she has been in her life. She hugs us, tears fill her eyes, you have made my last wish in life true.                  
                                                                                                  HOPE YOU ENJOYED  G. E. G.                                     


          We babies, sleep, laugh, cry, poop, and pee. Sorry I forgot throw up. Feed me pat my back, then I belch release gas and nappy time. I dream of the good ol days. Just the right temperature made you feel snuggly. Darkness was security. My only time of concern was when something penetrated my mommie and I would be tossed around. Then Oh...Oh...Oh...Ah... Ah... Ahh. Then I would become real relax.
          My first glimpse of life was my mommie expelling me. I wake up early for this! My head is stuck, I wanna go home. I'm being evicted. Hey take it easy too much pressure on my head, squish plop! I'm cold, I wanna go home. I don't like it here, there's something hurting my eyes ( what's eyes ). I don't like it. I get snipped, poked, prodded, washed ( I kinda like that ). Then I hear my voice for the first time. I do the waaa-waaa song as soon as I get enough air. I'll fracture some glasses with that. They put a warm fuzzy hat on my head. Ooh feels so good, oh no! I have no hair. Waah waah I can't go through life without hair. Waah waah I can't go through life wearing a stocking cap, I'm too young to join a hood. If I could get some shades perhaps I could salvage some respect. Aaah! I'm wrapped in a soft warm blankee almost as snug as what my momma used to be. There is one of them big headed creatures starting to get on my freshly realized nerves. He gets right up into my face, don't you just hate that, smells like coffee and un-brushed teeth and here I am as snug as a bug in a rug a brand new baby with a bath eeuuh. After them big heads play ball with me, sticking things in places I hadn't realized yet I even had places and a terribly cold thing was placed on my fresh new baby skin front and back. Whew! I bet I'm sweating, that's more work than I have done in 9 months.
          We, "we ones" know more than them big headed lulu's think we do. We get babymail through the navelnet at 6 months. We start downloading vital baby data from our mommie.
          It has been quite a day, I need nourishment, seems one of my downloads mentioned sucking for nourishment. One of them ugly big heads lays me next to my momma. My mouth is puckering but my vision is shot. Hello there! my mouth found that suckee thing. After nourishment I'm slapped on my back. Heh! take it easy I'm a tiny tot. Buurrp! I lay down with my mommie and visit nappytown, where I reminisce of the good ol days.
          Shot out of the cannon was the worst day of my life. As days go by I get use to the big headed ones, even the one who has sand paper for a chin. Don't he know how delicate baby skin is. I suppose it's just another day.